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Feedback for TrickMeMoon

Jul 29, 2008

    1. I recently did a face-up, nail, and tattoo commission for TrickmeMoon....went smoothly, and she was very specific. :) Easy to work for, and hoping to deal with again!! :)
    2. Moon was in my most recent Dollmore GO. she was really nice and understanding about a mix up and mistake on my part. a pleasure to work with!
    3. TrickMeMoon commissioned two faceups from me. She was an excellent customer, thorough, communicative, friendly, and super speedy payment. The whole process was a breeze - thanks so much! :)
    4. Commissioned me for two faceups. She was very communicative and a pleasure to deal with. Paid promptly and notified me as soon as the heads arrived.
      Thanks for a flawless transaction!
    5. Moon commissioned me to make some tops for her, fast payment, prompt communication, let me know when everything had arrived safely. All in all a lovely buyer who I'd happily do business with again <3

      Thankyou ^^
    6. i had a wonderful commission with TrickMeMoon
      overall transaction was excellent
      payment A+
      and communication A+++
      patience with me..lol A++++++ haha
      thanks so much again
    7. had a really great clothing commission with TrickMeMoon
      i would for sure work with again
      thanks so much
    8. TrickMeMoon participated in my Dollmore group order. Great communication and quick payments. Thank you again!
    9. I bought some really nice msd clothing from TrickMeMoon. They were wonderful and there was great communication! Thanks!
    10. I bought some wigs from TrickMeMoon and it was a perfect transaction! Good communication, fast shipping and items arrived safe and sound and as described. Would gladly do business with again, Thank You so much!! :)
    11. i bought a B&G Afra off TrickMeMoon. the transaction went very smoothly, communication was great, he arrived very well packaged! i'm very happy this transaction. would gladly buy from again! :D thank you again!
    12. Was amazing to buy from! Quick responses, and amazingly well described! Will Gladly buy from again!
    13. I purchased a few wigs from TrickMeMoon. They are awesome, arrived quickly, TrickMeMoon kept me updated of everything that happened to my package. Thank you for a wonderful transaction!
    14. I adopted two RS Meis from TrickMeMoon. Communication was fantastic. She packed them up well and they arrived to me quick and safe! TrickMeMoon was a pleasure to deal with! Thank you so much :)
    15. this person has been horrible.
      Everything she wrote in the sale thread of the doll, was a lie.
      I choose this doll over the other doll i liked because this one mentioned she would come with extra's.
      Getting a doll with extra's is extra fun. you get extra clothes and shoes or wigs, could be anything. ( i always add a lot of extra's and don't even mention it in my sale threads!!!)
      The doll showed up. just paper wrapped around her original box, and stinky old bubblewrap, NO face protection.
      everything loose in the box.
      No extra's. just the mentioned outfit the doll was wearing in the pictures. her papers and some rubber cookies.
      when asking about the extra's, she first said that her original papers are the extra's ( but in the add she wrote doll, clothes, PAPERS and extra's!!!)
      I never understand why people can't just be honest and say, sorry, i didn't have extra's. ( i would be able to understand and an apology would have been enough)
      but this person started saying i should not make such a big thing of this etc. very rude!!!
      Then the doll. the doll was soooooo dirty, i have never had a doll as dirty as this one.
      she needed at least 4 baths and a lot of magic eraser.
      She said the doll was as new!?!? and not yellowed.
      It is.
      I have always been very trust full in this hobby until the day i bought the doll of this person.
      Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more.
      Trick me moon really tricked me!
    16. (In my defense to the above, I didn't realize mentioning extras and it not being something extravagant was a huge deal. I did apologize that what I included she didn't see as 'extras'. I also sent nude pictures of the doll (front and back) to the person and neither of us noticed any yellowing, dirt, or suppose smudge on her face-up (which she didn't mention in the message above). If I noticed anything of the sort I would have mentioned it. (Like I did with one of my former MSD dolls.) To be honest, I think they were trying to get extra out of me even though I had lowered the doll almost $200 from what I originally listed her for.)
    17. Wonderful communication and the doll was sent out quickly. It was an overall pleasant experience. Thank you so very much. :)