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Feedback For TrinityInRainbows

Jun 8, 2012

    1. If you have done business with me on DoA - Please don't hesitate to leave me any feedback! :blush
    2. I sold a DollHeart outfit to TrinityInRainbows. Communication was easy, payment was quick, and she let me know when the outfit arrived. Thanks so much!
    3. I sold a pair of icy blue eyes to TrinityinRainbows, and the entire transaction was tuber lovely! She was sweet, friendly, and even showed me a picture of her girl in them when they arrived, SUPER pretty<3
      Thank you so much!
    4. TrinityInRainbows bought a pair of eyes from me. Communication was great, she paid super fast, and let me know when they arrived. She was absolutely wonderful to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thanks so much for a perfect transaction! <3
    5. I sold a MNF Miyu head to TrinityInRainbows and everything went great! She was very patient with my schedule and always pleasant to communicate with. She paid and responded promptly and I would very much recommend her as a buyer:)
    6. TrinityInRanbows commissioned me for MSD outfit. She was patient and very kind ! It was a pleasure to sew for her. She payed quickly and reponsed my messages in great time.
      I would love to deal with her in the future !
    7. I sold Enchanted doll eyes to TrinityInRainbows. Communication was easy, payment was quick, and she let me know when they arrived. Thanks so much! Melanie
    8. TrinityInRainbows bought a Dreaming Doll Ryuna head from me. Communication was friendly, payment was fast, and she was overall a pleasure to deal with. She even gave the head a wonderful faceup as soon as it arrived! :)
    9. TrinityInRainbows sold me a Little Monica Irin msd girl, the communication was perfect and she is nice and friendly, the girl arrived in a while!
      Thanks so much for this transaction!
    10. Trinity bought a pair of ED eyes from me and was fast to pay and great with communication, thank you so much!
    11. I commissioned a face up for my Little Monica WS Irin doll from Trinity, and she was very prompt about getting it done, and sent pictures before each seal. She did a very quality job on the face up, and I would defiantly commission her again
    12. I commissioned a face up for my LeekeWorld Julie and Trinity did an absolutely PERFECT job. I was contemplating on selling this girl, but Trinity's face up made me fall so in love with her, that I don't think this girl is ever going anywhere! Would definitely commission again. Trinity's work is high quality. Thanks so much for being patient with my nit picking!
    13. I commissioned Trinity for a face-up for my Luts Delf Nina and she did such a beautiful job!! I absolutely love it. It was very good quality and she was so nice through the whole process when I asked her to change/add to the face-up. She also sent a lot of upgrade pictures to show her work before continuing on. I would definitely recommend her to everyone. I know I'll commission again if I ever get a new doll! She's amazing! :aheartbea ~Eori
    14. I commissioned Trinity to do a faceup on my OceanMoon EunRyoung. I just got her back, and she looks beautiful! It's just what I wanted. Trinity is an amazing artist, and very, very good with communication. When it comes time for my next faceup commission, the first person I'll look to is Trinity!
    15. I commissioned Trinity to do a faceup on my Jid Leona and she was amazing! Great work and fast communication. My leona looks even better than i could have imagined. I will definitely commission her for my next faceup!
    16. Commissioned Trinity for a faceup on my Pear. She was fantastic! Even agreed to meet me to give her the head since I would be in her area, and finished it in a day! I've never experienced such a quick turnaround :) Looking forward to sending my next doll to her already!
    17. I commissioned Trinity for a faceup on my Leekeworld Mikhaila. She was very quick to reply to all of my emails and finished my faceup in a DAY! I never expecting she would finish it so quickly!
      She also did an amazing job on my girl, and provided progress pictures the whole way through! I can't wait to send her another one of my heads! :D A+++++++
    18. Trinity bought a Minifee from me. She sent payment immediately and was very pleasant to deal with. I would definitely recommend doing business with her.

      Many thanks!
    19. Trinity is a great artist who's done several wonderful face-ups for me. She's easy to work with and zippy quick.
      I definitely recommend her as an artist :)