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Feedback for Trisana

Sep 20, 2009

    1. Hi, please post feedback here if I've had a transaction with you, thanks!
    2. I sold several pairs of eyes to Trisana and she was pleasant and easy to deal with. I'd be happy to transact with her again. Thank you! :)
    3. Trisana bought me some handmade clothes, she was very kind as for communication and paiement was made fast.
      Will be glad to deal with her again :)
    4. Trisana bought some set of outfits from me .She was great to deal with. She paid quickly and she was very very friendly.Thank you a lot!^^
    5. Trisana took part in a group order I ran last year (being 2009) for a Cream White Millenium Mireu Sphaler from Soom. She purchased the body. Our doll was slotted to be on Layaway for four months, but thanks to everyone's swift payments (including Trisana's), we finished the GO! earlier than expected!

      Trisana was a dear to deal with! As this was my first ever group order, she helped me figure out the new Paypal rules, and was very useful overall and very patient! I would deal again with her anyday! Thanks so much, Tris! I loved working with you! :D
    6. Trisana was in my group order for uniforms.
      She paid quick and communication was great! It was a very nice transaction.
    7. I just completed a commission for Trisana and it couldn't have gone more beautifully. Payment was super-speedy. Communications were prompt and friendly. Trisana was a joy to work with throughout and I hope to sew for her again!
    8. Trisana a group order of mine back in 2009 for a minimee. Wonderful communication. :)
    9. Trisana bought a Unidoll wig from me payment was swift, communication was great, and overall it was a wonderful transaction. I would definitely do business with Trisana again.
    10. Trisana took part in my grey Galena split order, and everything went smoothly.

      Paid on time, excellent communication, replied very fast to PMs, very friendly, a real pleasure to deal with!

      Thank you <3
    11. Trisana joined my split for a Unidoll Jace. We bought him via layaway, and Trisana was very timely with her payments. She even paid early! We've had some fun communication. she is friendly and wonderful to work with.
    12. Trisana participated in my Soom Chalco Split and took the eyes! She was very patient, friendly and prompt. Our transactions were smooth and I'd love to have her as a split partner again! Thanks so much for helping everything run smoothly!
    13. I sold a B&G LE outfit to Trisana and she was a joy to deal with. She was very friendly, paid right away, and let me know that she received the outfit. She's definitely a wonderful buyer! <3
      Thank you so much!
    14. I bought a yosd hana doll from Trisana
      and I want to thank her again for everything
      she has been so very helpfull with everything
      she was also very friendly
      you are a great seller!!!
    15. I bought Heliot romantic head from Trisana.
      First of all I want to thank her for finding my tread and suggesting the deal.
      She was very kind and made great package for doll's head, so it arrived quick and safely.
    16. Trisana was in my Soom London Split - Communication was excellent, and she paid promptly for both the wig and cap and shipping from me to her. She also told me when her parts had arrived. Overall a wonderful person to split with :)

      Thank you so much!