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Feedback for Trivia

Jan 1, 2009

    1. Hi people!
      I'm starting my very own DOA feedback thread~ (w00t!)
      If I've done business with you, let me know how I did!

    2. oh my, i seem to be the first here! i bought a Luts wig from trivia, she is a darling a perfect transaction!
    3. I bought a Luts dress set and a pair of shoes from Trivia - a great transaction. Excellent communication, quick postage and I even got a discount LOL.

      She's a great person to do business with!
    4. I bought a Luts outfit and the transaction went smoothly. Trivia was very polite and let me know when it was sent out. Thanks!
    5. I bought a pair of pants from Trivia and everything went great. She was super friendly, replied to PMs promptly, and packaged the pants well. I would definitely do business with her again! :)
    6. Trivia commissioned me a Ciel cosplay outfit! She was absolutely lovely to deal with and we had a very nice and smooth transaction! Thank you very much!! I hope to do business with you again :D
    7. I bought an anotherspace jacket from Trivia. It looked like new.
      Good communication and fast shipping, thank you (:!!
    8. Trivia brought a DOD DOT wig from me, and the interaction went smoothly and wonderfully.
      Thank Trivia for everything!
      Highly recommendable!
    9. I bought an outfit for my DOD Camine from Trivia. Shipping and communication was without any problem and the outfit was in very good condition.
    10. I bought Trivia's DOD Sha from her. She gave wonderful communication and was very nice. Thanks sooo much! (again, lol)