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feedback for tsuki_lin

Jan 23, 2010

    1. Well, seems I can't find her feedback so I assume she don't have one yet. I shall make 1 for her. ^_^ Tsuki_lin bought a wig and shoes from me and nice to communicate. She made fast payment and a good buyer...^_^
    2. Once again, we did another dealing. Tsuki_lin bought a bunny dress from me and pay promptly... For sure is a good buyer. ^_^ Thank you so much girl!
    3. I sold a Souldoll Paris head to tsuki_lin. Communication was good and she paid as soon as she can.
      There was a problem with the money transaction but she was patient until it was resolved.

      It's a pleasure to deal with tsuki_lin, I would definitely sell to her again!
    4. I sold a DoC through CoD to tsuki_lin.
      Our communication beforehand was smooth and I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. Thank you.