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Feedback for TsukimoriKahoko

Oct 8, 2009

    1. I just sold a doll body to TsukimoriKahoko, she paid quickly and had great communication. She was very cordial and understanding, and the transaction went smoothly. I would recommend her to anyone and wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. Thank you!
    2. I just sold a doll to TsukimoriKahoko and she was a wonderful person to do a transaction with. ^_^ she was straight to business while still being friendly and had great communication. The payment went without a problem. I would recommend her to anyone ^_^

      thank you TsukimoriKahoko ^_^
    3. I sold a BBB doll body to TsukimoriKahoko and it was a lovely experience. She is a beautiful lady. We had excellent communication and she paid super promptly. I highly recommend her and hope we can do business again soon. Thank you!:D
    4. I sold a head to TsukimoriKahoko. She paid promptly and let me know when it arrived. Thanks and enjoy!
    5. I sold a Domuya Sophie head to TsukimoriKahoko and it was a very pleasant transaction. Good luck to whatever you decide to do with it!
    6. I sold 2 dollmore eyes to TsukimoriKahoko. The transaction was very fast and smooth and the payment was made fast. TsukimoriKahoko also let me know when the items arrived. Thank you!
    7. I sold a wig to TsukimoriKahoko and the transaction was very pleasent. She paid very fast and let me know when it got there.

      Thank you!
    8. TsukimoriKahoko purchased a DD body and head from me. Superfast payment and great communication. A five star buyer in my opinion. Thanks so much and enjoy!
    9. I got some obitsu busts in a trade with her and i am so happy with our transaction :) !

      my boys thank you TsukimoriKahoko!!!
    10. Bought a wig from TsukimoriKahoko , the communication and transaction were great. Prompt reply and delivery. Thankyou!!
    11. Just sold a doll to TsukimoriKahoko. Transaction went well, great communication and fast payment. Would definitely recommend doing business with her!
    12. I bought a BBB/RS Lian head from TsukimoriKahoko and the entire process was quick and easy. She discribed the head well and responded quickly. She shipped the head the same day and it was well packed. Great seller!
    13. I sold TsukimoriKahoko a asian wig for SD dollies. Super fast payer, great communication and i would highly recommend her ^^
    14. I sold a RS body to TsukimoriKahoko. She's such a pleasure to deal with > fast payment and good communication!
      I would recommend her to anybody :)
      Thank you for a wonderful transaction!
    15. I bought an RS Dai head from TsukimoriKahoko and it arrived quickly, well wrapped up safe and snug. I'd recommend her to others!
    16. I bought a pair of MSD plaid pants from TsukimoriKahoko. Communication was great and she shipped right away. Stellar seller.
    17. I just bought two doll carriers from Tsukimori Kahoko, and she was an excellent seller. The carriers were shipped quickly, were well-packaged, and were exactly as she described them.
    18. had a great transaction with TsukimoriKahoko, I bought her 68cm Resinsoul body, fast ship, good communication and well packaged, thanks so much!
    19. I bought a pair of hands from TsukimoriKahoko and I couldn't be happier with the whole transaction. :] They were perfectly protected in the package and the shipping costs were spot on. I would be more than happy to buy from her again in the future!
      Thank you kindly!
    20. TsukimoriKahoko bought a black SD wig with bangs from me and was prompt with payment and very friendly to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to be involved in another transaction with her!