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Feedback for Tsuminaki (Vitta-Vera)

Jun 2, 2006

    1. Hi guys! This thread is for feedback/comments about services rendered by Vitta-Vera (faceups by me, clothing and accessories by me and my offline partner), or plain old transactions with Tsuminaki (group orders, trades, sales of items I got elsewhere). I've worked with a lot of different people on DoA and had a lot of awesome transactions.
      If I've worked with you and you've enjoyed my/our stuff, timeliness, communication, or whatever else, please help me out and post here, thanks so much!

      The very sweet KittiePink posted a thread about our services here:
      and some of my customers have posted there as well (thanks guys!). So you can see some feedback (nice detailed original post) there too, although I'd prefer if feedback was left here from now on.
      There are also posts concerning me in the good traders list and other places, and those are easily found with post search. You can also search my ebay id (Tsuminaki) to find feedback there. Thanks!

    2. I've commented in the other thread, but I'll comment here too. Tsuminaki is awesome! I've bought a few things through Vitta Vera as well as participated in one of her group orders. Communication is always wonderful and Akiko is very organized and speedy. I highly recommend her. :)
    3. I participated in Tsuminaki's Luts group order. Very smooth transaction and was kept up to date on the order. Highly recommend!!

    4. Thanks a lot, guys ^^ I really appreciate it. The rest of you who liked my service, please let me know here!
    5. I purchased an outfit on eBay last year (Last Pink Day) and it is one of my favorites. Well made and so cute! Shipping was fast and friendly!
    6. I love Vitta Vera. :) They squeezed me into their slots between commissions for somethign little and really made my day. :D The lingirie that was made is equisite and absolutly adorable. Great to work with and super fast shipping. They come highly recommended!
    7. Thank you, guys - you were both dears :)
    8. Posted on the other thread,but will post here too ^^;;

      Tsuminaki organized a Luts group order,and everything went smooth.
      Excellent communication,fast shipping,and refunded me the shipping funds that were extra ^^;;

      Thanks Tsuminaki!
    9. Tsuminkai is an excellent seller:) I commissioned her to create Eowyn's Shieldmaiden dress and she did a fantastic job! She is very nice and professional also.

      Here is a picture of her stunning work...

      I highly recommend her:sumomo:
    10. Tsuminaki is not only an excellent person to commission outfits from, but her outfits are to die for also! Thank you so much for the two gorgeous outfits you made for me, now as soon as I can get a nice day outside I'm taking pictures to show them off, and I definitely will be commissioning more outfits in the future from you, and I highly recommend you to anyone who is thinking of buying clothes for their bjds. Thank you!
    11. all my girls lingerie came from vitta vera i love it...fits perfectly and the girls look great...fast, very reliable and great communication.
    12. I just received my first VV commission and I love it! Fast and reliable service with wonderful communication.

      Do not hesitate to buy from Vitta-Vera :)
    13. You guys are awesome to do this; thank you : D and I did forget to mention, links to pics of your dolls with our stuff are great to add ^^
    14. Tsuminaki is fantastic to deal with :) I've bought several outfits from her, particpated in her last group order, and I'm going to get some ink for my AES from her :)
    15. Thanks for managing such a great group order! I was very impressed, Tsuminaki is wonderful to deal with!!!
    16. I bought from VV before! I love the dress and it's the favourite of the local girl dolls as well! Thank you so much!
    17. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Tsuminaki is an excellent person with whom to do business!
      I've commissioned a fantastic little Vitta Vera lingerie set in which my Audrey looks smashing, and of which I should really take more photos.
      Her most recent Musedoll group order was well organized and updated almost daily. She hand delivered the items when they arrived, too!
      Super thank you lots!
    18. i got my face up done by tsuminaki and boy was i very happy !

      she was very easy to work with and sent PM's instantly. She gave easy instructions and her work is fantastic !

      id send my doll to her anytime for a face up or clothing commission.

    19. Yay, thanks very much guys! Again, I'm really glad you were happy : D

      And to those people I've transacted with since the last time I posted good feedbacks, I haven't forgotten you, I'll post as soon as I get time to dig back through all them PMs again ><
    20. Tsuminaki was part of my Leeke Group Order and paid quickly and was easy to work with. :) She was excessively patient with me when I accidentally messed up her invoice and would definitely want her in a group order again.