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Feedback for Tsuuba

Nov 18, 2008

    1. I suppose I will be needing this one day, and so here it will rest until said day. :doh
    2. Tsuuba commissioned me to work on her sister's BF Emile. Tsuuba was very nice and very easy to work with, paid promptly and very patient! Thank you very much for giving me a chance to work on your adorable girl! ^_^ feel free to come back anytime!!!
    3. Tsuuba recently purchased a Crobidoll Lance head from me. She was very good with communication and prompt with payment. I would definitely sell to her again.
    4. Tsuuba participated in my first ever group order run for Soom and was awesome to deal with. She's very nice, made payments quickly and kept up communication on her end very well. I definitely recommend her. :D
      :clover Thank you for being such an awesome participant!! `Tis much appreciated! :clover
    5. Tsuuba has done several faceups and a couple of tattoos for me. She does great work and is very patient, even on more difficult resin (i.e. lavender).

      She has also purchased a Resin Soul Song from me. Payment was very quick and the transaction went over quite smoothly. :3

      I reccomend Tsuuba highly. <3
    6. Tsuuba was easy to get along with when she bought my AnotherSpace goggles! She was friendly, kept me up to date on her payment, and paid exactly when promised. She left feedback as soon as the items arrived. I couldn't have asked for more! Thanks!
    7. Tsuuba has commissioned three faceups from me thus far, and is wholly wonderful to work with- very helpful, very prompt, and extremely understanding. I highly recommend her, and would love to do business again! Thank you~ : D
    8. Back again! XD Tsuuba took part in my third Glass Eyes group order this time around and the transaction was a nice and smooth one. :) Quick to send payments and on the mark when it comes to communication, I recommend her and would gladly do business with her again.

      :clover Thank you for participating in another one of my group orders. :clover
    9. Tsuuba sold me a Silver Fox Top from DZ at a very fair price. Then she shipped it right away and it got here in two days!

      I would DEFINATLY reccomend her to all and buy again if she has anything I need. :aheartbea
    10. I purchased a pair of Dollmore MSD pants from Tsuuba, and it was a very smooth and pleasant transaction! She's friendly, prompt on communication, and the pants arrived well packaged and very quickly! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again!! Thanks! : )
    11. Thank you so much!

      The outfit was perfect and delivered right away! :aheartbea
    12. Tsuuba bought a dollheart backpack from me. She paid quickly and told me right when the item arrived! (Literally) Cheerful and fun person to work with! Thank you and enjoy that awesome backpack! <3
    13. Tsuuba purchased a CB Yeon-ho head from me recently, and the whole transaction went swimmingly! ^^ She was very pleasant, paid quickly, and responded to messages promptly. Thanks again, Tsuuba!
    14. I bought a pair of Boot off of Tsuuba, was wonderful communication and really fast shipping. Would love to buy from again or even work with again!!
    15. Tsuuba participated in a Soom GO. She paid quickly and was a great person to work with. I would definately recommend.
    16. Tsuuba participated in my Crobidoll Go. Great participant! Quick payment. Hope to deal with again Thanks! :)
    17. I sold a doll to Tsuuba. Absolutley perfect buyer. Excellent communication, we arranged a hold, and the doll was even paid off sooner than we'd agreed. I would happily transact with Tsuuba again any time. ^^
    18. Tsuuba did some quick, awesome eye mods for my LTF Piki! Tsuuba kept great communication and had reasonable prices!! Tsuuba also sent him home with an extra pair of eyes =DDD I would def do business with Tsuuba again
    19. Tsuuba bought a Breakaway head from me. She was fast to pay and always had great communication!