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Feedback for tutia

Aug 27, 2009

    1. since I'm starting to sell and buy things on the marketplace I decided to start a feedback thread
      so if you bought anything from me or I bought anything from you please leave me feedback
      thanks <3
    2. I had a transaction with Tutia. it went very well. She was nice, communicated well with me, and I got my items fast. Thank you. And I would love to work with her again. I recommend her as a Seller.

    3. I sold a shirt to tutia and the transaction went great!
    4. I bought a hoodie from tutia. Communication was great. She shipped the clothing out the day after payment was confirmed, The item arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Overall a pleasant transaction. I would definitely buy from her again. ^_^
    5. Tutia bought a pair of eyes from me. She was wonderful to deal with, she paid quickly and the communication was great. I would gladly work with her again.
    6. I purchased some eyes and this seller packed them well and shipped them quickly. Thank you very much!!
    7. Tutia bought two shirts from me and it was a great transaction! Good communication, fast payment and a friendly person! Thanks again!
    8. Traded with tutia, packing was great and shipping was fast :D A+
    9. Tutia bought some clothes from me and was extremely pleasant to deal with! great communication, fast payment and feedback left, all of which is awesome!! :Ð
    10. Bought 2 Bandanas from Tutia. Great quality. Good price. Thanks!
    11. tutia and I did a trade some of my clothing for some of their clothing. Friendly pm's and fast shipping. A very nice trade.
    12. Tutia purchased a petite ai from me. Communication was friendly and payment was fast. Thank you so much for a good transaction.
    13. i had a wonderful transaction with tutia for a wig
      excellent communication and was so great with payment
      overall transaction a breeze and a pleasure to work with
      thanks again :chocoberry
    14. I sold tutia a YoSD outfit. She is a very a friendly buyer, who sent payment quickly. I would happily sell to her again. Thanks for a great transaction! :thumbup
    15. I sold tutia a YoSD sized outfit. Payment was sent very quickly and all pms were very fast and friendly. I would gladly sell to tutia again. Thanks for a great transaction! :thumbup
    16. I bought two shirts from tutia, and everything went great! Very patient and good communication.
      Thank you :D
    17. Bought a cute tiara & journal off of Tutia and transaction was perfect, thanks so much!!
    18. i bought a pair of pants from Tutia. Great communication. I would certainly buy form Tutia again.
    19. I traded a pair of eyes for one of her shirts. Great communication, very fast shipment. Everything went smoothly. Would definitely do business with Tutia again!
    20. I am so sorry for the late feedback, finals really got me behind! ^^;

      I bought some leggings, MSD shoes and bunny slippers from Tutia. Communication was great and items were shipped out quickly and packed with great care. I'd gladly buy from Tutia again and recommend her to anyone.

      Thanks again, my girl loves her new shoes and leggings.