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Feedback for Twindals

Aug 18, 2009

    1. Please leave all feedback here <3 of all transactions we've done!

      Thank you :fangirl:
    2. Twindals bought Lati White Special Ver. Cherny from me and paid very quickly. She was a joy to deal with throught out the whole transaction. I hope that I have the pleasure to buy or sell to her again. I recommend her very highly as an excellent communicator and all around nice person. She was just great to deal with. I recommend her without any reservations what so ever
    3. Negative Feedback Twindals pm me on 9/5 regarding my DIM Benetia. Twindals wanted to do a layaway and wanted to discuss terms of an agreement. We agreed I would hold the doll and she would pay a deposit on 9/18 with final payment of the doll to be between 9/30 and 10/2.
      On 9/18 she made two deposits. She did not pay the amount she originally stated she would be paying but I told her I was fine with this since it was only slightly less. One payment came from her account and one from her "fiance's".
      On 9/30, two days before final payment was due Twindals pm'd me to tell me she would not be purchasing my doll after all (death in the family) and she stated that she would ask for her deposit back but I should keep it as payment for holding the doll for her and that she would help me find another buyer if I so wished. I pm'd her back expressing my sympathies to her and and that if she did help me find another buyer I would refund her deposit. I also offered to extend her layaway another full month if she so needed.
      Less than 10 minutes later she pm'd me again to say on second thought she wanted her deposit back then 11 minutes later I received another pm from her explaining why she backed out then again a third pm 20minutes after that stating that if I did not refund her deposit asap she was filling a paypal claim since my for sale thread did not specifically state non-refundable deposit, actually that her fiance was filling a claim since she had used his account for part of the deposit. I refunded her money as soon as I got her first pm stating she had changed her mind. I had no interest in fighting over such a small amount of money.

      Nikki I pm'd the mods with this first to make sure this was the right thing to do. I have all of our pm's to back everything I wrote. I am sorry it came to this I do think you are a nice person but you need to be a responsible one as well. :(
    4. Wow you're a horrible person to have done that, first of all my great grandmother passed away, and I couldn't buy your doll because of REAL LIFE issues. I'm sorry you're all mad about it, but I did tell you I'd help you find another buyer, and I sent you a PM with someone who was interested. I was fine with you keeping the money, but my fiance wanted his part of the money back. So you need to calm down with your "Negative Feedback" post, hah you swear..its a friggin DOLL, my grandmother died and you're pissed because I couldn't buy her, so I could fly out to my grandmothers funeral instead!? Wow..okay. Also, I am responsible thanks, I've paid for all my other dolls asap, I just couldn't pay yours up front at the moment, and you agreed to the hold/layaway without any non refundable deposit. So fine you posted your "Negative Feedback" because your pissed and it was the "right thing to do". :xsome people, I tell ya!
    5. Nikki, I am not mad at you at all. Your negative feedback has to do with the transaction, not my feelings regarding you. The fact is you backed out last minute. Regardless the excuse, being able to post feedback (positive or negative) is for this reason. I hold no ill will towards you, nor did I call you any names or express my feelings (aside from a compliment) I only expressed the facts. But considering your reaction I am glad I did. Seller beware.
    6. beware of her, she's mean and doesn't care what REAL life issues you have going on..Oh I'm SORRY my grandmother decided to die last minute? Puh-lease! Ridiculous!
    7. I bought a Littlefee Ante from Twindals. The package arrived very quickly, and everything was packed nicely. She was very nice when communicating. I would definetely deal with Twindals in the past if the situation arose.

      I recently purchased a Kid Delf Bory Boy from Twindals in the Market Place. She was extreamely polite and friendly, quick with all her responses!

      She provided me with extra photo's of the purchase in question and left out no detail as to the dolls condition.

      I am absolutely satisfied with my transaction, the doll is beautiful. He came with a gorgeous full set (which is currently discontinued at luts) a pair of boots, lovely blue glass eyes, a luts wig, and two fur black wigs. Far more than what i was expecting. He was like new, wrapped with care in his original box, even had his instruction manual AND the Hodoo card that came with him.

      Twindals shipped quickly via Priority Post, kept intouch everyday until he was shipped, and provided a tracking number immediately the day he was sent.

      This has been an excellent transaction, i would Definately Buy from Twindals Again.

      Provided below is a picture of Shiroyuki (on the left the bory boy i bought from Twindals) and Remi (My bory boy whom i got from luts in September).


      Thank You Twindals for sending this Darling boy to me :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    9. I would like to leave positive feedback for twindals. Although I am very new here, as you can see (I don't even have my photo up, yet) many of you know me as jny_jeanpretty on flickr. I had a GOOD experience with Nikki, and my doll arrived two days after I paid her. My new LaTi Yellow is an adorable doll, and everything was described perfectly. I knew what to expect.
      I know I will enjoy having her in the family!
      Jean jny_jeanpretty on flickr
    10. I bought a lati shirt from Twindals. Communication was great and I got the shirt quickly. I love it! Thank you again! :D
    11. I bought some clothes from Twindals
      great communication and she shipped very quickly

      thanks again!!
    12. Twindals bought an Unoa body from me. She is a great buyer and a lovely person. I would deal with her any time.
      Hope you enjoy your new girl.

      I Bought a Minifee body from Twindals. She is a GREAT seller, promptly replying to my pms and giving me a picture of the dolle ven before i asked for one. She was very polite and thorough in all transactions and we got through the whole process of buying the doll so darn quickly it amazed me. She was even nice enough to drive somewhere to meet with me to give me the body because we live rather close to each other. She and her fiance and child drove to a determined place and they were right on time to exchange the body. If i needed anything else from her i would definitely do business with Twindals again.
      I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! (although i feel bad cause i think i forgot to thank you while i was with you) :)
    14. Hey,
      I traded my YOSD Sara for Twindall's Unoa Lusis 1.5. She was a pleasure to deal with as her responses were always prompt, concise and clear which I found useful as I had never traded dolls over the marketplace before. An absolute pleasure to work with.

      Thanks again. :]
    15. Purchased a Souldoll Bany from Twindals. She was very kind, answered all of my questions, gave me extra items for the doll, and even allowed for me to have her on hold- no charge :aheartbea (Lacked the money to do so, at the time.) She shipped her out, and she arrived very cozy and safe!

      It was a pleasure doing business~ Would gladly do it again!
      Thank you~
    16. I'm sorry it ended that way, but I am forced to give a flakey feedback to Twindals.

      Twindals contacted me on Monday June 7th saying she would love to buy the Volks SD13 body I have for sale. I contacted her the same day with a quote & asked her if she needed a layaway. She said that she would be able to ''make a nice deposit when my check clears on Wednesday!! I'll only need about..3-4 weeks just to be safe ya know? It'll take way less but I'd feel better if I had the 3ish weeks safety net!''. I usually do not hold a doll or doll parts unless I receive a deposit on the spot, but I agreed anyway, since the date of payment for the initial deposit was two days away.

      She PMed me back on the 8th to say that her check would be cleared completely on Thursday, not on Wednesday, and told me that she'd pay the whole price for the body & shipping on that day. I told her on the same day that there was no problem with this.

      We exchanged a couple of PMs concerning stringing the body, since I now always unstring bodies to ship them out (it is less expensive for the buyer, and not much more trouble for me), but mentioned that I would include a instruction sheet to string the body. She also confirmed that she would pay in full on Thursday the 8th & asked me when I would be able to ship the body out, to which I replied on Saturday the 12th (technically, two days after payment).

      She PMed me on Thursday the 10th, the day of the payment, to let me know that she would not be able to buy the body because of ''unexpected crap'' and because she had ''to pay for bills that weren't (hers) to pay''.

      I then explained that I would leave a flakey feedback & she replied that she didn't care. She didn't even try to complete the transaction, even by layaway, just flaked out. I think this sort of business practice is unacceptable. I've given her no reason to think that an arrangement more suitable for her to complete the transaction was completely out of the question, so I really don't appreciate the way she handled the transaction.

      tl;dr: Twindals said she'd buy a body from me, she flaked out on the day of the payment. Would NOT deal with again.
    17. I bought a PKF Bonnie from Twindals. On the thread it said she wasn't accepting layaway but when I PM her that if she should change her mind I was really interested. She said that a short layaway (two weeks) would be no problem. She was great with communication & even sent some extra things along! Bonnie arrived quickly and safe and sound. I would definately buy from her again!

      Thanks again! ^_^
    18. One word: Flakey.
    19. I have never had to leave anything but positive feedback before, so I am not sure exactly how to mark this. I'll stick to the facts of my transaction with her.

      Twindals communication was awful and at times I really felt like it was impossible to contact her during this transaction. I also strongly believe that if it was not for events outside this Forum, she would not have shipped the doll out as soon as she did.
      She did ship the doll very well packed and it arrived safely. She included some clothing, which was unexpected and a pleasant surprise.

      I personally would avoid any transaction with her in the future.
    20. I am leaving NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for my transaction with Twindals, for the purchase of a Yo-SD Sara through the Marketplace.

      Yes, I did receive my doll in the end, but not after a great deal of trouble and frustration on my part.

      Please see this thread Paging Twindals for more info.

      Twindals was polite at times, but was immature and rude for the majority of this transaction. Once my payment was sent, I received no communication or responses to my PMs and emails for over a week. I have my doubts that she ever planned on sending me my doll, but only did so after her finances were frozen due to my opening of a PayPal dispute, and my informing her that I was fully prepared to file a police report. Before paying her the last payment for the doll, she was on and off of DoA all day, responding to PMs within minutes. After my payment was sent, I heard NOTHING for over a week, though I had sent her numerous PMs and emails asking when my doll would ship. Twindals claims that she was busy, that she had a "hectic week", and that was why she had not gotten back to me. However, she is known to have logged onto other doll related forums during this time.


      Unless you enjoy dealing with a rude, immature person with serious communication problems.