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Feedback for TwinSnow

May 18, 2012

    1. I will start off by saying that the eyes I have received are very pretty and that I am pleased that I purchased them as well as received a refund for the damaged one. I just want others to be aware of this particular experience if they are looking to make a purchase.

      Feedback: Negative

      I ordered 6 pairs of eyes from Twin Snow (my husband was the actual purchaser). I wanted to purchase the original eyes before they were being upgraded to metallics - as I only like a few styles of metallics. A week or so later, Twin Snow informed us that they had made a shipping error and that the eyes had been returned to them, which is why there was a delay. My husband requested the eyes be expedited as they were for a special occasion. Twin Snow agreed and did send them expedited. I would also like to note the shipping I was charged was around $12 and when the package arrived it was marked as costing $2.48. I find this a bit steep in regards even if they were trying to cover packing materials.

      Upon receiving the eyes, there was a note with one pair indicating it had been upgraded to metallics since the other style was sold out despite my being able to purchase it on the site. I really would have preferred if they had asked me if I would like the upgrade before just going through with it -- but regardless, I actually did like this particular pair of eyes.

      Unfortunately, with one of the eyes in this pair there was a white scuff mark right in the center (pupil) of the eye. So, the eyes (as a pair at least) were now unusable as there would be no way to hide a scuff in the center of the eye. I contacted Twin Snow and let them know about the damage. They asked for me to send them a picture, which I did. At no point did Twin Snow deny that the damage was there before shipping.

      Twin Snow then informed me that I could either have a refund or that they would send a replacement pair if I mailed the other pair back to them. Being that I actually liked the pair of eyes, I said I would like the replacement pair and inquired as to if they would be refundicng my return shipping costs since the item was damaged upon arrival. Twin Snow said they would not cover the return shipping and it indicated such in their FAQ. I read through their FAQ and found mention of how damages are handled but no mention on what costs are and are not covered.

      I responded to Twin Snow wanting to clarify that, although I received a damaged item from them, I still needed to spend more money (return shipping) in order to (hopefully) receive an undamaged item. This did not seem fair to me as it was not my fault the item arrived to me damaged.

      Twin Snow replied that they did not want to refund me my shipping because they already had to pay shipping twice upon sending my original order. I apologize, but it was their shipping error that resulted in them needing to resend my order, which again, was not my fault. They now decided to say that the eyes were sent undamaged -- not when I originally notified them of the damage, but just when I was "pushing back" a bit in regards to the unfairness.

      In the end, I decided to not take the replacement and instead accept their original offer of a refund, as I did not want to have to pay more money in order to receive what should have been received in the first place.

      Unfortunately, depsite the eyes being pretty - I will not be purchasing from this company again due to such a bad experience with their handling of the issue.
    2. That sounds really bad?!? Hmmm i planed to order there, but now i am
      a little bit confused. Should i or should i not >__<
    3. Twin-Snow, for those of you who don't know what they do, manufactures high quality anime style eyes made for use with all dolls but more often than not used in conjunction with Volks Dollfie Dream.

      I had kicked around the idea of getting a pair of eyes from them for quite some time but due to poor feedback and the expense of the eyes and shipping... I just thought I would order from Volks. Over the next year I tried to ignore all the beautiful pictures of Twin-snow eyes. I even went so far to think the images had perhaps been enhanced with photoshop or some other image manipulation? Not so.

      I finally placed my order for eyes- I decided I would go for it once I saw the newly introduced styles. I bit the bullet, ordered over USD $100.00 worth of eyes (+got my free LE pair!), paid the flat/somewhat expensive shipping rate and waited to see what would happen next.

      It took about two weeks to receive the product but once I did, I was completely amazing and completely floored by the quality and the beauty of the product. The following girls are wearing pairs of eyes from the 'Mystical Collection'.

      ChiGi1 by NakitaN, on Flickr

      These eyes are the best eyes I have ever seen outside of Volks LE eyes. The are so much more beautiful then the Volks defaults and the ones available on the website. I was concerned with the pattern being too evident within the eye but it is not- the eyes are deep, reflective, and have brought new life to my girls.

      One thing worth mentioning was the packaging they arrived in was torn open. There was one layer of bubble wrap and the eyes were in smaller zip-lock baggies. The package damage did not affect the product but I think it would be nice if they provided better, more robust packaging. From what I know they are willing to work with customers who receive damaged product but I cannot speak to that experience first hand.

      I cannot possibly express how pleased I am with the product. I would definitely suggest people ordering from Twin-Snow if they are prepared for the somewhat expensive flat rate shipping and a slower order processing/shipping turn around... but also a product that will absolutely exceed expectations.

      For me Twin-Snow eyes were completely worth the wait and I cannot recommend them enough.
    4. I ordered from Twin-Snow in September of 2012 and received my eyes within a week, with no damage or delays. :) I sent them an email telling them that I loved the eyes and would be back for future DD girls. Here was their customer service representative's reply:

      "Everyone here at Twin-Snow would like to thank you for your encouraging message.
      We hope your next purchase with us will be just as outstanding, if not more. =]

      Feel free to send us photos. We love seeing customer photos of their lovely girls.

      Customer Service Representative"

      I would highly recommend this company. ^-^

      Not the greatest picture ever, but here's my girl in their Moon Collection- MOC04 (blue) 22mm eyes.
    5. I'm pretty disappointed in Twin Snow. I paid for an order of 1 pair of eyes (I know, shipping was a killer) on the 1st of July, and even with a follow up e-mail (sent August 21 and another just now), have not received my eyes as at September 6th. It's been too long to file a Paypal claim, so I really don't have any other options open to me.

      Should there be anything further by way of developments, I'll post here, but at this time I'm doubtful I'll see my order shipped. :(

      EDIT 10 September 2013: In a turn of events, I received my pair of eyes today! They were shipped September 1st based on the shipping slip, so 8 weeks after I ordered. Which is still very poor. But the eyes look lovely! I'll just have to see how they go in the doll.
    6. Just worth noting for anyone visiting this thread for information on Twin-Snow:

      It appears as of the posting of the message that their website is now gone dead along after a long period of 'no stock' of product and general inactivity at the end of the last year. Currently there is no additional information on what happened or if they will be bringing their website back online in the future.