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Feedback for Tylan

Jan 9, 2010

    1. Didn't see a feedback thread started for Tylan so I thought I'd take the honors.:)

      Tylan bought a headdress from me and commissioned a matching necklace. Communication was great, payment was fast, and he was all around pleasant to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to him again.:thumbup
    2. Tylan commissioned 2 outfits from me and was amazing to work with. He let me know exactly what he wanted and even bought the kimono fabric for me ^_^
      Payment was fast and on time and communication was excellent and friendly.

      Thank you again for choosing Butterfly Designs! I hope to do business with you in the future.

      A++++ Commissioner/Buyer
    3. Tylan recently purchased my Elfdoll Aden from me, and it was a pleasure working with him through this transaction. He was always friendly and courteous in PMs, paid me quickly, and kept in touch through every facet. I definitely recommend him as a stellar buyer; every sale should go like this one.

      Thanks again, Tylan! :D
    4. He bought an elfdoll SD boy body from me.
      Great communication, asked all the right questions, was very patient waiting for pictures, and paid very fast when sale was agreed on.
      Let me know the instant the doll arrived safely.
      Great transaction.
    5. Tylan purchased Iplehouse YID Aaron from me. He is simply a great guy to deal with. Just smooth communication and fast payment. The transaction was a pleasure, and I would love to sell/buy from him again. Thank you.
    6. I did a comission for Tylan. He was very patient, responded to emails quickly, kept me informed, and was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended! thanks!
    7. Tylan bought a IH Cocori from me and he was absolutely an ideal person to deal with when it came to transactions. Paid on time when he said he would, great communication, trustworthy and i say it again, absolutely ideal! Highly recommended!
    8. Tylan bought a IH Silvia from me, he is a very sincere and clear person about negociations. Very good trade, thanks!
    9. Tylan purchased a Bobobie mature female body from me an it was an excellent transaction. Great communication, super fast payment and an all around enjoyable experience. Highly recommended!
    10. I just sold an AngelRegion Mano Boy 43cm NS BJD to Tylan-san! He was super friendly, communicative and sent payment lightning fast!! And he let me know immediately when he received the doll. Wonderful buyer in every way!!

      Thanks again for a perfect transaction!!!!! Highly recommended asset to DoA!

      God bless!

      Setsuna ^^