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Feedback for Ully

Apr 28, 2010

    1. Hello everyone!
      This is my feedback
      If you traded with me, please leave your comment
      Thanks for visiting:aheartbea
    2. Yay first! \o/

      I did a go at leeke and Ully bought some things.
      She bought a pair of eyes at Mint on card too.
      Nice communication and she is a great negociator. ^^
    3. Second~
      Positive feed!
      I helped her buy an Heliot OE head, and she payed promptly,
      she is lovely to deal with, easy communication, deffinetly reccomended.
    4. Just finished up a great transaction with Ully. :) She did a layaway with me, she stuck to her plan and all her payments were prompt, communication was just lovely too. Highly recommended, thanks so much!
    5. Ully bought a doll from me, she was always very nice, really easy to deal with.
      The communication was great. Thanks for perfect transaction. :aheartbea
    6. Ully bought my Soom Coquina wig. She was wonderful to deal with! She was very polite and returned PMs right away. She paid quickly and was patient when the wig took a little longer to arrive. I would love to deal with Ully again. :)
    7. Ully ran a Nephelim split from which I participated :D I also participated some G.O.s from Crobi with her ^^

      She kept me informed all the way and it went very smoothly. :)
    8. I bought Nephelin dragon legs from Ully, and the transaction went smoothly. She shipped promptly and safely, and the legs arrived in perfect condition. Thanks so much, Ully! :)
    9. Ully bought some items when I did a SOOM GO. She paid fast and we didn't had any trouble with the order ^^
      Friendly communication, recommended :3
    10. I purchased a DoD outfit for my doll from Ully. Transaction was smooth and the package came faster than what I thought it would! The outfit was in mint condition and wrapped carefully, love the box it came in as well. Would definately do business with Ully again:aheartbea

    11. Argh so sorry for the late feedback! Which is absolutely positive! I've bought a pair of Soom Nephelin hands and she has been very patient with me, since it took me time to finally decide >_< We had great communication and Ully shipped the hands as soon as she got the payment! Perfect transaction and great seller!

      Thank you Ully! :D
    12. I purchased Soom Dolomi claws, legs and a tail from Ully and they all arrived promptly in perfect condition! Thank you so much, Ully! I will definitely buy from you again if given the opportunity. :)
    13. Thank you Ully, I bought a T-sha head, from the beginning of consulting to receive items. Ully is very patient, very happy to know her.

    14. I bought a Super Gem Female Body from Ully on layway, she was absolutely awesome through the whole layaway process-even when we had some unforeseen issues with paypal- The package arrived in great condition and packed very well I couldn't be happier-Thanks again Ully!
    15. I purchased a Migidoll Cho head from Ully on two-month layaway. Communication was excellent and was always pleasant and courteous to deal with. My parcel arrived safely and was carefully packed. It was a smooth transaction and I am very pleased. Thanks you very much. :D
    16. I purchased a SOOM Super Gem male old body from Ully.

      It was in incredibly good condition and very well packed and protected - which is fantastic as the package appears to have taken quite beating, but it was more than enough protection.

      Ully was very communicative, polite and a pleasure to deal with. There were no problems when I paid my layaway slightly earlier than originally planned and she had the patience of an angel when contacting customs to see what the delay was on the doll when customs held on to it for a while and very patient and helpful with my "Have you heard anything?" queries.

      Buying from Ully is a great experience and I would recommend her as someone to do transactions with.