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Feedback for Uno-kun

Mar 27, 2009

    1. I have a feedback page on eBay, but I suppose I should make this thread lol

      :3 Buyers/sellers please post transaction details, and thank you in advance!
    2. uno-kun bought a Dollmore MSD cross shirt from me, and everything was perfect.

      Fast payment, great communication, friendly PMs... I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Uno again ;)

      Thank you! <3
    3. uno-kun bought a pair of msd lolita shoes from me~

      very friendly and polite buyer~

      also quick to respond to emails and send in her payment ^^

      glad to hear that the shoes arrived!
    4. I just completed a commission for Uno-kun and it couldn't have gone more smoothly. Super-fast communication and payment. Uno-kun was a joy to deal with throughout.
    5. Sold a doll standing to Uno-kun. It is a very nice transaction. Communication and payment are super faster.
      Thank you.
    6. Uno-kun purchased a pair of eyes from me and was wonderful to deal with. She paid quickly, let me know when they arrived and was very pleasant through out. :)
    7. uno-kun commissioned a hat from me. She is a great customer. I would be happy to do business with her again.
    8. uno-kun bought a custom eye from me, perfect trasnaction, very friendly, thank you :)
    9. Uno-kun was in the Dollmore GO i ran, is a wonderful person, wonderful communication and paid on time, would love to have in another GO or work with again ^_^
    10. Uno-kun bought two little puki outfits from me and I was very happy with the quickpayment, friendly communication and the over all transaction! I highly recommend!
    11. Uno-Kun participated in my fifth For My Doll and Glass Eyes group orders and she was a wonderful participant to deal with both times. :D She kept great communication and paid invoices promptly! I'd deal with her again without a second's hesitation~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    12. Bought a wig from this seller. Pm were friendly and shipping was fast. Thanks so much.
    13. uno-Kun bought a pair of msd boots from me, she paid super quick, & was a pleasure to communicat with1 I highly reccommend Uno-Kun here in the DoA Marketplace.:)
    14. Uno-kun commissioned me for an MSD sized mask and she was absolutely wonderful to work with! She was incredibly patient as unforeseen school issues came up and was prompt with payment. I would gladly to business with her again. ^^
    15. I bought clothes from Uno-Kun, everything came quickly and in great condition. A lovely seller!
    16. Bought a pair of eyes from Uno-kun, everything went smoothly and they arrived promptly and safely :) Would gladly do business again!
    17. Bought a Monique Gold Taylor Wig from Uno-kun. The wig was wonderfully cheap, because it was a bit frazzled. However, it is still beautiful, and I think it isn't badly frazzled at all. Shipping was fast too, I got it two days after she shipped it. A++ for Uno-kun!

      Thanks again! :)
    18. I ran an Angelheim GO, and Uno-Kun participated. Communication was wonderful, paid quickly, gave me a small amount of leeway when the order arrived and I was unable to make it to the post office for a day or two. *thumbs up*

      Would definitely work with Uno-kun again!
    19. Uno-kun was a participant in my Happy Camille GO, was a perfect transaction, fast payment and patient with the long wait from HC!! Thank you so much!!! :)