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Feedback for Unseenstars233

Jul 25, 2010

    1. Feedback plz ^_^
    2. Unseenstars233 applied to participate in a Secret Santa Swap I am hosting
      Secret Santa International 2010
      I made it very clear from the beginning of the thread that each participant ONLY apply if they were certain they could participate fully and were able to be certain of sending their gift out on-time.

      Unseenstars233 sent me an application to participate on the 19th of October which confirmed her understanding of the rules set out at the beginning. The 3rd of November I received a PM stating she was unable to participate due to lack of funds however I noticed that she is also currently in a Leeke World Group Order, last updated the 2nd November with her still listed as a participant.

      This has compelled me to state I found her behaviour inappropriate in this instance and would advise that she be conscientious of what she says versus what she does in future on the forum.
    3. Yes, it is true that I was unable to participate after signing up, but that was because of events that were out of my control. The Leekeworld GO had not last updated on the 2nd, but on the 1st of November, a day before I PMed both Whitewings and that person to tell them I couldn't pay. A few days later that GO was actually canceled.
    4. Unseenstars233 did a faceup on my B&G Freya girl. Her work was good (although the chin was a bit shiny on the bottom, nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little MSC, and it wasn't until several days after getting the head back that I even noticed.) and done in a timely manner. She was polite and friendly throughout the exchange, and responded to my PMs quickly. :D I'd definitely do business with her again.
    5. Unseenstars233 did a faceup for my boy's head. Her business has a lot of potential and seems to be very promising. Would work with her again. ;)
    6. Unseenstars233 bought a pair of dress pants from me :) She was very friendly and quick to both respond to PMs and pay ^ ^ I would definitely do business with her again~!
    7. I commissioned a faceup from Unseenstars233 for my MSD head and she was so helpful and nice, and the faceup is amazing! I would do business with her again.
    8. Unseenstars233 bought a pair of green glass eyes from me. It was a pleasant and smooth transaction and she was prompt in letting me know that the eyes had arrived OK.

      I commissioned a faceup from Star and she was so professional and had wonderful communication. She was quick too. I love my faceup and thank you so much! I would love to work with her again.
    10. Awesome!

      I commissioned Unseenstars233 for a custom face-up. The communication was fast, she finished the work within a week, and I love the face-up! I would definitely work with her again.
    11. I commissioned a faceup from Unseenstars233, and oh goodness, was the whole process perfect! Fast and very friendly communication, done and shipped back within a week, and the faceup is perfect!

      Thank you so much! :) Definitely going to commission again sometime.
    12. Unseenstars just finished a fabulous faceup for my smiling Soah head and I couldn't be more pleased! Communication was excellent and the turnaround was unbelievably fast. She does excellent work and should charge way more than she does. Thanks, ever so much, for a job fabulously done!
    13. I did a trade with Unseenstars for a face-up. Communication was prompt and she did a great job on my little YoSD. I would definitely do business with her again.
    14. 100% positive! Unseenstars233 did a face-up on my boy. The process was fast and she kept in communication the entire time. Next time I need a face-up done, I know where to turn!
    15. Unseenstar233 bought an Angelsdoll Ivan head from me. She was fast in her PM's and payment, and super friendly. Overall an excellent transaction! Thanks very much ^__^
    16. I got a face-up commission on my Angeldoll Hyang head from Unseenstar233, and the communication was great! I believe the artwork was perfect, it was exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much! I will surely do business with you again in the future or much sooner! :D
    17. Amazing faceup artist! She did two MSD faceups for me and they are beautiful. It was amazingly fast and great shipping. I recommend this artist to others!
    18. Unseenstars233 bought an Angelsdoll body from me. She paid faster than scheduled, let me know as soon as it arrived, and was a joy to do business with, and to talk with! Highly highly recommended. Thanks!! A+++++++++++
    19. I commissioned Unseenstars233 to do a face-up for my cat boy Peeta, and there were some delays through this commission. But real life problems are understandable. I do love the face-up he got though it suits him perfectly! Thank you so much! :)
    20. unseenstars233 was in my MSD swap!

      she made a wonderful gift for her partner and let me know right away when she recieved hers! A+ swapper and thank you so much for helping to make my swap a success!