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Feedback for untuvikko

Mar 28, 2010

    1. If you have made any business with me please, share your thoughts how it went. Thank you! ^_^
    2. untuvikko bought a Lati Sheep Ruki from me and it was a lovely transaction.
      She paid very quickly and the communication was excellent, she even informed me as soon as she received the doll. :thumbup
      I'll definitely would do business with her again. I highly recommend her. :sumomo:
      Thanks a lot for this transaction.:aheartbea
    3. Untuvikko commissioned some slim msd clothes and she was a sweetheart t work with. She had great comunication and paid promptly. I hope to be able to work with her again soon. Thanks so much! <3
    4. I sold a SD wig to Untuvikko and it was a perfect transaction :).
      Paid quickly, all replies were prompt and kind, and she informed me when parcel arrived. Untuvikko is a perfect buyer- highly recommended!

      Thank you very much!
    5. Untuvikko won my auction for a MNF head. Once the auction was over, she paid quickly and replied to all my messages promptly. Untuvikko told me once the head had arrived and left me feedback accordingly. I would recommend her as a seller most definately! Thanks!
    6. untuvikko bought a BF Blossom body NS from me. She paid quick and the communication was perfect. It was a flawless transaction, and I'd be more than happy to do business with her again anytime! Thanks! ^^
    7. I sold a leeke wig to untuvikko. She is very pleasant and let me know as soon as the wig arrived.
      I'd definitely do business with her again! :> Thank you!
    8. POSITIVE!

      I sold a Leeke MSD wig to untuvikko. Very nice and quick transaction! Recommended buyer all the way! :fangirl:
    9. Untuvikko bought a Luts wig from me. The transaction was pleasant from beginning to end! Quick payment, friendly communication; I would definitely recommend dealing with her. Thanks so much!
    10. I rehomed a Bluefairy Marine May to Untuvikko and it was a flawless transaction. Untuvikko was friendly and prompt with all communications and made regular on-time layaway payments. I highly recommend Untuvikko, thank you.:D:D