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Feedback for Usagihime

Dec 17, 2009

    1. Since Usagihime don't have a feedback thread yet, I'm just starting this thread for her :3

      I bought 3 9-inch size wigs from Usagihime!
      She has tried her very best to sort out things for me as this is her first time sending posts to UK as well as dealing with international requests^^
      Communications was very good through PMs and MSN between us! She kept me informed as best as she can^^
      parcel packaging is great with a plastic box for each wig!
      I am a very satisfied customer!! Love her wigs:goldstar Will be looking forward for more!!:D

      thank you!!
    2. I also bought a wig,
      It was very wonderfully packed, much better than even Leekeworld for example, and communication was very good. The wig is very beautiful and I love it a lot! I hope to be a returning customer in the future.

      Highly recommended!
    3. I bought wig from Usagihime. 3 heads, only short style.
      They're very well sewing and so beautiful~!!:aheartbea the wig is keep in plastic box one by one, it's very well package.
      i'll be return to buy her wig again for sure. hope she release beautiful wigs in the future.:D
    4. I bought a couple of wigs from usagihime. Communication was fast and friendly. The wigs arrived very quickly! The quality is wonderful and they all come professionally boxed with wig net etc. Will be buying from again soon! Highly recommended. :D
    5. My wigs finally arrived from usagihime and I couldn't be more pleased. Gorgeous quality, lovely packaging and a gift :) I'm a loyal customer from here in.
    6. i ordered a batch of wigs from UsagiHime, she's lovely to communicate with and meticulous too. everything went great!! an A+ seller, &#35874;&#35874;&#20146; <3
    7. I bought 2 wigs from Usagihime and I LOVE THEM! Some of the best quality wigs I have ever owned!
      I will definately look into more from her soon!
    8. I bought some wigs to UsagiHime and she was wonderful!! it was an overall very smooth transaction.
      Only one wig was wrongm but UsagiHime replace it for the right one!!

      I can't recommend this wonderful person highly enough, and definitely look forward to doing business with her again!! :cake:
    9. I bought one wig from Usagihime in a joint order and it went very smooth. Really fast shipping too! I for sure will buy from her again.
    10. Bought a bunch of wigs from Usagihime. Fast shipping and they're just lovely. <3
    11. I bought two wigs from usagihime, and they are beautiful! :D Great quality, and such nice packaging. Thank you!
    12. I purchased a beautiful wig from usagihime, and I am very happy with it. :) She was very patient with me, and helped me track my package when EMS from China was backed up for a month. She was also helpful in assisting me with shipping options. I definitely hope to own more Usagihime wigs in the future!
    13. I bought 2 wigs from Usagihime ^^ She was very friendly, and her communication is good. The wigs are lovely, thank you!
    14. Got the wigs from Usagi!!!! Great quality! Very Very nice girl >_< MSN = ONLINE MOST OF THE TIME. Super fast shipping.

      All I can say is GREAT! Highly recommend!
    15. Nearly forgot to post mine. I love Usagihime wig. She is a great seller. Very prompt to reply and great communicator.

      Its definitely highly recommend! =D
    16. I bought a 6-7 wig from usagihime. Communication and transaction was smooth, shipping was fast! And the wig is of awesome quality, I plan to get more wigs soon!!:D
    17. I bought a 6-7 & an SD wig from Usagihime <3

      She is a wonderful seller & communicator, very friendly & responsive. The wigs are fantastic quality & her logo is adorable :3

      Definately reccommend & i am sure i will be back for more xXx
    18. I bought a 7-8 wig from Usagihime and I must say the quality is truly wonderful, it's definitely one of the most wellmade and beautiful wigs that I ever bought!

      Usagihime is also a great seller, very responsive and friendly. My package arrived within a week from the time that I first placed my order and that's faster than I sometimes get packages within my own country. Highly recommended! I'm hoping I'll be able to buy more wigs soon :aheartbea
    19. i bought 6-7 SDwig from usagi~ she is very nice and helpfully, she even send the item from hongkong during her holiday for me in order to reduce the shipping cost~ the item was arrived in a perfect condition as well~ the wig quality is excellent~!!! definitely will buy from her again~

      thankie usagihime, u made my day~
    20. I bought a wig from Usagihime, and it was quite lovely, just what it appeared to be in the photos. She was great to deal with! :)