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Feedback for Utukhu

Mar 9, 2007

    1. Hello!

      Please leave feedback for me here :)

      Many thanks.
    2. Utukhu bought a cp dambi head from me.payment was fast, and great connection all time during the trade. Great buyer ! Only the best compliments from me, would deal with her anytime :)
    3. Utukhu bought a EL head from me. Quick payment, clear information, polite manner. You have my recommendation without hesitate ^^
    4. Yaaaaay! First buyer feedback for Utukhu on here :3

      I recently bought a gorgeous Chiwoo head that she had painted. He arrived quickly, securely and she even accepted a short term layaway for him :3

      I highly recommend her as a seller, she's easy to contact and answers all questions swiftly and accurately! I hope to to have the honor of another transaction with her in the future <3 Thank you Utukhu :3 <3
    5. Utukhu bought a Harang head for me. She was wonderful to do business and I highly recommend her as a buyer.
    6. Utukhu bought a huggable from me, and is great to do business with! Would deal with her gladly in the future!
    7. Utukhu done the face-up on my Chiwoo Elf Vamp
      Very happy with it, just what I was looking for
      pleasure to deal with ^_^
    8. Utukhu did a faceup on my vampire shiwoo, very nice to deal with, fast worker and fast shipment.
      I highly recomend her!! :aheartbea
    9. I just bought a Ttori head from Utukhu - she was a wonderful wonderful person to work with - great communication and quick shipment! Her faceup is absolutely dead on to my character, too! Love my new girl (well, her head)!!

    10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :D

      I've recieved my 2 Ryeon heads with wonderful face ups!!!!
      She abasolutely understand how I want them to be :)

      A pleasure to deal with her and it won't be the last face up ;)

      Thank you so much!!!
    11. Utukhu purchased two sets of eyes from me and was wonderful to deal with. She was very polite, patient, paid quickly and let me know when everything arrived. A great transaction!
    12. I bought a Soom Chrom from her :)
      He was just as described. She was great with communication!
      He was shipped quicly and arrived safe and sound!

      Thanks a lot!
    13. I bought Soom Euclase from Utukhu - it was very smooth deal, fast and friendly. Anett, thank you for my grey boy! Is was a pleasure to deal with you )
    14. After beeing a costumer for about 4 years now, since July/August 2007 to be exactly, I finally decided to write a feedback for Utukhu.

      She followed my wishes and instructions and gave the character I wanted to the heads I sent to her most of the time.

      The communication always was a bit difficult because I had to wait for replies every time ( sometimes longer than a month) and had to ask more than twice to get an update about the status of my heads.

      After a pretty long break in which I had no heads to be painted, I sent her four heads in spring of 2010.

      At the beginning of february she told me that I could send the heads earlier than planned, because some commissions had been canceled.

      I sent my heads and got an arrival confirmation on february the 2nd.

      On march the 3rd I got an update in which she told me that two of four heads were finished. I had to ask for this update.

      On march the 18th she told me that I would get some pics next weekend; when I got those there was just one pic for each head.

      Here you can see both (what I wanted on the left and what she made on the right)

      For this head my wish was something like a remake of the old face-up. For me the most important things were the dry and bloody lips and her tired eyes.

      For this head my whish was that the face-up would fit a childish, happy girl in pinky colors.

      After I told her, that I was really disappointed and afraid that her style changed to much, comparing to what I was expecting, she suggested that she could redo the face-ups completely without asking for more money, which was very kind.

      Here you can see the comparison between the first version she made and the second one which looks like it has been made by a different artist:



      Sadly she still didn't consider my wish for a pink, childish, happy Face-up for my Bera head but since I really was tired of waiting for my heads (at this point I was already waiting for them about 3 months) I just wanted them to be back home.

      After all I wasn't happy with one of the other two heads and so I contacted her again in october 2010 and asked, if she could redo it once again and if it would be possible to get them back till the date of a dollpa in november.

      She told me that she could do that and I really got them back fast and beautifully painted.

      Looking at those new Face-ups from october 2010 I nearly forgot what had happened in spring and so I decided to send her two more heads in spring 2011.

      This time the organisation was better, she always updated the status of her commissions on her webpage so I did not have to ask.

      On the 5th of february she confirmed the arrival of both heads.

      I got previews on the 11th of march and sadly I really was disappointed again...

      Here you can see both (what I wanted on the left and what she made on the right)



      After I calmed down a little I wrote an E-mail and told her that I really was disappointed and in which ways I didn't like her work on those heads.
      For me these weren't things in which you could say it simply wasn't her style, for example the black lines under the Cien's eyes, which weren't there in the original face-up but had been added by her.
      I told her that I don't want her to make more face-ups for me if I have to expect such different results.
      The heads in october were beautiful and again I had the feeling that those new heads from spring 2011 were painted by a different person!

      She replied that this would be the result after "forcing her to work against her own style and will".

      I'm sorry.

      There's no way a costumer can force a face-up artist to work against his style and will.

      It's her decision to accept the commissions and she made face-ups for me for such a long time she should knew what I like and what's important for me.

      If the wishes I had were against her style or not realizable in her style, she could have told me.

      To be fair I have to mention that she contacted me again one day later and told me that she was sorry about what she wrote earlier and that it seem's like her style changed too much to realize my wishes again.

      She made both Face-ups again and I got my heads back.

      But since I really was NOT pleased with her behavior I wanted to write this feedback.

      She changed in such a bad way I sadly have to say that I will never take one of her slots ever again even though she was the only artist I trusted for about four years...

      The way she acts is no way to act as a proper artist, not anymore.