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Feedback for Vaex~

May 16, 2010

    1. Hello! If I have had a transaction with you, whether I bought from you or sold to you, please post your feedback for me here!
    2. Vaex purchases some necklaces from me ^^ Very excellent communication and speedy payment! :D wouldn't hesitate to deal again with her in the future!! ^^
    3. i sold a dress to Vaex and everything went great! would definitely buy/sell/trade with Vaex again!
    4. Sold Glot horns to Vaex. Great communication and on-time payment. The mail reached Vaex a little later than expected but she calmly reacted and patiently waited.
      A pleasure to deal with. 100% positive!! :D
    5. Vaex was a part of my dollmore go. She was fast with her payment and always answered email promptly. I would defiantly recommend doing business with her!
    6. Vaex purchased a doll wig from me.
      Even though my shipping was slightly delayed, Vaex was very understanding of the situation.
      She was kind and communicative and made payment promptly.
      I am very pleased with my transaction with her and would love to deal with her again :)
    7. Vaex participated in the Mythological Fantasy Swap. They followed the rules of the swap and their partner(s) were happy with what they received. I would highly recommend this person to future swap leaders.
    8. I'm so terrible for not posting feedback sooner! But Vaex bought a Leekeworld Bijou from me quite some time ago. She was awesome and kept in contact. She's very truthful and keeps her word! Definitely! I hope you like her, hon! Take care! :aheartbea
    9. Vaex bought a DoD Code02 wig from me. Very friendly communication, fast pms and accurate payment~! The transaction went very smoothly~! :)
      I will definitely love to do business again with Vaex~! Thank you~!! :)
    10. Vaex bought an elfdoll wig and hazel 16mm eyes from me. She is a very prompt payer and a pleasure to deal with! Thank you!
    11. My mistake! She bought a pair of black boots from me. I mixed up with another transaction, my apologies! ^^;;
    12. Vaex purchased a Venus In Furs Gothich Wear outfit from me. Prompt payment and great communication! Would happily deal with again and highly recommend to others!
    13. I made a leather jacket for Vaex and everything went smoothly and she was very polite and a pleasure to deal with. :3
      Nothing but roses from me~! ^w^
    14. Great transaction, good communication, responsible

      I sold my FL Puki Ruby to Vaex, and she was great to transact with. We did a layaway, and she was very prompt with her payment and let me know in advance when she was going to send the payment, and she sent it as promised. She was such a pleasure to interact with. I highly recommend her!
    15. Vaex responded to my WTB for a pair of Soom Glot/Glati horns, communication was great an the price was good. They arrived quickly an packed safely, thanks!

    16. [​IMG]

      ~*~ VAEX ~*~

      She has participated in my 2nd Dollmore G.O. I couldn't have asked for a better G.O. team member. She was prompt, friendly and a joy to have a transaction with. It's because of people like her that group orders are so much fun and not a burden.

      I would highly recommend her to any G.O. leader!

      Thank you so much again for joining us in this crazy group order!

      :cheer :dance :cheer

      Over and out!

      ~*~ DECY ~*~

    17. I sold a dress to Vaex. She was very friendly and communication was excellent. She also let me know when it arrived. Thank you so much!! ♥ :D
    18. Vaex bought a pair of MSD converse from me! She paid super fast and kept in great contact with me. I would do business with her again for sure and recommend her. Thanks for the awesome transaction.