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Feedback for Valère

Nov 3, 2010

    1. Here is my feedback
      thank you for leaving your evaluation
      for all purchases, sales, or group order
    2. Valere purchased from me a 60cm boy NY-skin Dragondoll body. Despite the slight language barrier, communication was effective, prompt and sincere, and payment was made within a very reasonable time. I would recommend Valere for any future transactions.

      Thank you very much for a great transaction! I hope you enjoy the Dragondoll body!
    3. This Lovely Person, purchased items from me, super fast shipping and awesome communication! Thanks!
    4. I commissioned stockings handmade by Valere, in an awesome colour. He shipped them very fast and they arrived in no time. Thanks a lot!
    5. Valere purchased Soom Migma Horns. She paid super fast and was kind enough to let me know when they arrived :). I highly recommend her!

      Thank you again!!!! :D
    6. Valere bought a 2012 Luts summer event head from me and it was a model transaction. Her communication was prompt and friendly, she paid quickly and let me know when it arrived. Perfection!
    7. Valere bought a FL chuchu from me. She paid promptly and let me know when he arrived.
      Great buyer. Perfect transaction. :D
    8. Valere purchased my SQlabs Ryoko.
      Though the doll made an extra turn in the delivery process, for some reason.. She was patient and understanding. She sent replies and PMs regularly and payment was on time. I am happy with the transaction with Valere.
      Thank you!