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Feedback for vampirealien5473

Apr 3, 2010

    1. If I bought something from you or you bought something from me please leave feedback.
    2. vampirealien5473 bought my Dollmore Dollpire kid Shiloh. She was extremely nice, kept excellent communication, and paid quickly. I highly recommend her. Thank you! ^_^
    3. vampirealien5473 purchased a FL Puki Puki Lily from me. She was polite, the transaction was smooth as glass and she answered all PMs quickly. I would definitely sell to her again.
    4. I just sold a Monique Gold wig to vampirealien5473-san! She was super friendly, fast, professional and kind!!!!! Super buyer and highly recommended!! I would deal with her again without any hesitation!!!
      True asset to DoA!!

      Thanks again!
      God bless!!

    5. I bought a Dollmore kid girl body from vampirealien5473. The body was masterfully wrapped, shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. She even labeled all of the parts which helped a lot with restringing. She was great to communicate with and I would not hesitate to do business with her again!! She is a great seller!
    6. vampirealien5473 bought some eyes from me~

      Great transaction :aheartbea She replied to all pms quickly, paid right away, and let me know as soon as they arrived~ Overall, fantastic to deal with. Would definitely recommend~

      Thanks again!
    7. I did a trade with vampirealien5473. It was my male A-line body(NS) for her female A-line body(NS). First trade ever. It went pretty darn well. Everything was packaged nicely with bubble wrap. We had a specific date set to ship out and other parameters for the trade to ensure everything would go well. Vampirealiena5473 had great communication; it was very prompt. There was a little hiccup with one of the hands I sent, but she took it very well and informed me since I was unaware one of the boy body's hands had actually been a #7 all along rather than a 4 when I first received him. Very awesome and would do business again for sure. Highly recommended.
    8. vampirealien5473 bought some eyes from me and was wonderful to deal with. Thanks so much :)
    9. I sold clothes to Vampirealien5473, the transaction was nice, they paid quickly, and were very friendly, letting me know as soon as the package got to them. :)
    10. Vampirealien5473 purchased eyes from me and excellent to deal with. Paid quickly and communication was great. Would be happy to sell to again, thank you! :)