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Feedback for VampireAnneke

Mar 11, 2007

    1. Please feel free to look at my e-bay feedback (Vampireanneke):

      Feel free to leave feedback here about DOA transactions.

      I decided to give a run down of 'types' of transaction I have feedback for below (So people feel confident in such trades in the future...I would be worried about trading or selling a body to someone who has only trades/bought wigs or eyes in the past):

      Full BJD - DK Loon
      Full BJD - Nabrae (Limited)
      1 set of Hands
      BJD Head

      BJD Head Me/Body Them
      BJD Head Me/Body Them

      1 BJD Body for another BJD body
      1 BJD Head for another BJD Head

      BJD Head

    2. Quick payment, good communication, thank you so much!!! :D
    3. this previous weekend VampireAnneke gave me a cloak for my SD10. it is well made and since she didn't feel it was good enough to charge money for I received for free. My Megu (Ophelia) loves it and it fits here great. It took O's outfit from a Gothy girl to a Fairy tale villainess.

      A+ I would/will/intend to *buy* clothing from VampireAnneke in the future.
    4. VampireAnneke bought a Kiss Loon from me. She is a very reliable! Since we live close to each other, we had a wonderful mini-meet to deliver her doll! It was a lot of fun and she is a very nice person!

    5. just sold some hands to VampireAnneke. Perfect transaction, really awsome to deal with! recommended! :D
    6. Sold a large order of Alchemy bottles to VampireAnneke. And although I was unable to obtain every item ordered, VampireAnneke was wonderfully understanding!! The transaction was SMOOTH and payment was made VERY quickly! VampireAnneke was a real pleasure to do business with! A VERY pleasent person!! ^_^ Thank you again!!!
    7. she is really a good buyer!!!!!
      fast payment and nice to deal with~thank you!
    8. VampireAnneke bought a pair of eyes off me and paid immediately!!! She let me know when the item arrived - i hope to deal with her again in the future!! Thanks so much :aheartbea
    9. VampireAnneke and I split a DIM doll-- I got the head, she got the body. She shipped the head out super fast and was great about keeping me informed about the status of our doll too. When we discovered that the DIM body didn't match the head she had in mind, and that I had a body that would match better, we did a swap-- and again she shipped SUPER fast. Anneke is great to deal with! :)
    10. Great to deal with. Kept regular communication. A really wonderful person to deal with. Thanks. :D
    11. VampireAnneke bought from me, good communication and prompt payment! Thanks!
    12. I just recieved my hands and they arrived very quickly and perfectly wrapped. Thank you so much!
    13. I had a transaction with this girl :)
      Items were shipped so fast, and she is very nice and helpful person :)
      I recommend her to other sellers / buyers !!!
    14. Swapped heads with VampireAnneke, Went super well, had a lot of fun, wiling away the wait, and feel like started making a new friend. Very reliable, great communicator.
    15. did a lu-wen split with her! I got the lovely body and I sent her the heads. gave her the money over paypal and everything went great! she's a pleasure to deal with! <3
    16. Bought my Van head and the transaction was AWESOME!!! I'm so glad he is going to be Tom Riddle!!! She even let me know about some HP conventions...YAY!!!!
    17. Anneke was very understandable and informative of my transaction with her. Thank you very much! I had bought a carrier from her ^_^ .
    18. Sold a bjd to VampireAnneke and she paid really quickly! Did everything by the book and was even quick in paying the postage separately! Alex
    19. VampireAnneke bought a wig from me and paid right away! ^.^ the whole transaction went wonderful.

      Thank you again! :)
    20. I bought a reminisce head and it arrived very quickly! Friendly and communicative seller ^^