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Feedback for VampireSmiley

Aug 3, 2010

    1. Hey guys. If I have sold or bought anything from you please leave me some feedback. I'd really appreciate it and thank you. :)
    2. Happy to leave the first feedback! VampireSmiley bought a green shirt from me. Wonderful communication, prompt payment and she messaged me upon safe arrival. Would definitely deal with again and recommend, thanks!
    3. VampireSmiley purchased a Ringdoll kimono from me. Very politely asked me to put it on layaway and then sent a MO as soon as she could. It arrived here quickly and communication was excellent. She let me know as soon as the package got there safe and sound as well.

      I would happily sell to her again!
    4. VampireSmiley bought a luts head and some eyes from me. She was a blast to do business with, was very understanding when I wasn't able to ship it out right away, and let me know as soon as it arrived. =^i^= I'd be more than happy to do more wheelings and dealings with her anytime!!
    5. I sold a wig to VampireSmiley. She was friendly all the time; she replied my pms and sent the payment promptly, and let me know when the wig arrived. Thanks so much for being a great buyer!
    6. VampireSmiley ordered a fur wig from me and was a delight to work with. Quick and friendly communication, quick payment, and lovely all around. Definitely a great transaction, thank you!
    7. This lovely person took part in my October 2011 Dollmore Go, everthing went very very well! Would recommend to anyone (So very sorry for the HUGE delay!)
    8. VampireSmiley bought a Maska fullset on layaway and made all payments ahead of schedule and maintained friendly communications throughout. A flawless, enjoyable transaction -- highly recomended and thanks so much!!!!!

    9. VampireSmiley bought 2 shirts for MSD from my selling thread.
      All went smooth and perfect!
      Hope to deal with VampireSmiley again! ^^
    10. Vampiresmiley was a member of my Go, and they were awesome! They paid thier invoices super quickly and was generally totally awesome!! :D They are welcome in the gos I run anytime! :) Thanks again!
    11. This lovely person took part in my March 2012 Dollmore GO, everything went really well, great communication and swift payment, would work with again in a heartbeat!. Thank you!
    12. I sold a K-doll Kian head to VampireSmiley. She was very patient with my bizarre work schedule and when things were finalized, payment was sent super fast. Excellent communication, great transaction. Thanks!
    13. VampireSmiley participated in the last Leekeworld GO i hosted and couldn't be more pleased. she posted payment fast and communication was friendly and prompt. i would deal with her again and would recommend her, for sure :) thanks again!!
    14. VampireSmiley recently bought a Luts event head from me. It was a perfect transaction from start to finish. Great communication and super quick payment. I would highly recommend her. Thanks!
    15. VampireSmiley commissioned a faceup from me on her tan Luts Delf Claus. She was a joy to work with, communication great, and payment fast. Would do business with her any time!
    16. I sold a Soom Hyperon Mercenary from Hell to VampireSmiley. It was my first layaway transaction here and it was truly most excellent! Great communication, and prompt payments. Thank you so very much!
    17. I sold vampiresmiley a new style soom supergem body with a soom sphaler head.
      Vampiresmiley was very friendly and kind...payed for him super fast and let me know he arrived safely.
      The whole transaction was smooth and easy...perfect...i would certainly do busyness with vampiresmiley again.
      Thank you
    18. VampireSmiley purchased a Soom Fantasy Phonolus head on a short layaway from me. Prompt and friendly communication, paid when promised and let me know as soon as the package arrived. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Casey and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again. Thanks so much!
    19. VampireSmiley bought a Aesh head from me, and the transaction went really fast. The communication was great, and the payment was prompt! I am so glad that I made a transaction with her. Thank you, and I would love to meet you more in my further transcations!
    20. VampireSmiley purchased Little Rebel Jelle (+ Souldoll modded Zenith body) from me on a layaway. I can't say anything negative, everything went perfectly. She was very prompt with payments and finished the layaway quickly, and communication was perfect. ♥ She is a super nice and friendly person, and I'd love to deal with her again. :D
      Thank you for giving my girl a new home! ♥