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Feedback for vanillashine

Feb 27, 2006

    1. I can highly recommend Vanillashine. Her work is professional, she is a pleasure to deal with and she is fast! I have worked with her several times and will continue to do so.

    2. Hey! Thank you so much for the creds! I accidentally clicked here for a sec, and it made my day to know you were happy with our transactions! Thank you! *snuggles*
    3. Oh, Vanillashine is the best!! She does beautiful work with such a fast turnaround time. She's done 3 of my kids so far, and a fourth is on the way to her now. I can't say enough nice things about her.
    4. Vanillashine is the master. Her work is amazing and she is incredibly fast, keeps great contact. Love love!
    5. I'll add my "VanillaShine" is super talented and just plain Awesome, to the rest! :)
    6. <3 <3 <3 VanillaShine!! My Juri is soo pretty and it's all thanks to her!!
    7. I did have a hard time contacting her and my doll was not shipped when she said it would be and the doll was not packaged very well either. I am happy I received a beautiful doll from her, but the transaction was bit frustrating to say the least.:|

      EDIT: I do not wish to state the entire incident here. Please do PM me if you would like details.

      Here is a link to a thread that has feedback as well.
    8. I commissioned Bev over this past summer to paint 2 heads for me. I verified her address before sending the heads.

      The heads were returned to me as undeliverable. They had sat for a month in a FedEx warehouse because Bev had moved and didn't bother to tell me.

      My heads were worth $650. At least I got them back, but I was still angry about the entire thing.
    9. My fourth transaction with Bev did not go as well as my first three. She had the head for several months; didn't communicate, etc. It was not a pleasant experience. I finally got the head back, but the experience left me with a very sour taste in my mouth.

      I really hope everyone who is having problems with her gets their heads back soon. There's no excuse for not communicating with clients. Good luck guys!!
    10. My first transaction with Bev was great.
      My second occurred during her move, and spanned nearly three months, though she stayed in contact, so all was reasonably okay.
      My third is still ongoing, been a little over a month now, with no contact for 20 days as of this post... which makes it not so okay.

      I was trying to stay optimistic, but seeing the lack of reply from Bev to various emails and PM attempts, but finding that she was online as late as the 12th... that's several days after I sent her an email to make sure she was okay. It disappoints me immensely.

      I'm just hoping to get my two girls back home so I can reunite them with their bodies and be done with it.
    11. Well, the person that made this thread really needs to change the title to a lower grade. I paid bev on the 10th, 85 dollars for a faceup, manicure and pedicure, a nice chunk of money. She received my head on the 16th, and said she would send it the Monday after thanksgiving. Then, no contact. Finally, on the 11th, i received contact, and on the 12th, received pictures, and promised my girl would be sent out that Tuesday morning, so she would be there before Saturday for my meet up. The 12th was the last i heard from bev, I've sent many emails, pleading for her to send my girl back home. Bev needs to get her act together and communicate with her customers that pay a pretty penny to commission her, there is no excuse, she has a responsibility to her paying customers to at least say there will be a delay, but none at all. Everyone, be careful in the future with bev please.
    12. Sigh... here I am. I'm posting in this thread because our transaction is completed now, and the other (paging vanillashine), is for people who are currently involved in a transaction.

      I can pretty much quote eveshka on how my experiences with Bev went too; I had 2 positive transactions with Bev, and the last, was what people are experiencing now - head finished, pictures, but then no word, ignored emails, PMs, and live journal posts in her OWN LJ; and then, finally, after a month of promises, got my head, very badly packaged, with damaged lashes that I had to replace before selling it.

      I have waited over 3 months for work before from other artists, and I'm more than happy to do so; as long as they keep in touch with me. Also, when the head is COMPLETED, they send it BACK in a timely manner. Why she cannot send things BACK is absolutely beyond me. :(

      I truly hope that Bev is all right. She is a very talented artist and it is a shame to see her throwing that away. I treasure the 2 heads I still have from her and I truly hope she is okay.
    13. My story is pretty much the same as Sher's...I had one good transaction with Bev. And the second one not so good. Bev sent me pics to approve and said she would ship the next day, that didnt happen and the weeks came and went. I had to get someone else involved and finally did get through to Bev(i had tried sending her PM's here, posting in her LJ, my LJ and emails from different addys) she said to this person that the head was shipped. Well it was not according to the post mark it was sent 6 days later. It arrived wrapped in walmart(?) bags, very poorly wrapped, the lashes were messed up. I am sad to post this here, i didnt want to get involved , but i feel bad for all you guys who are waiting to get your dolls back. I hope that Bev is alright and will send them home soon.
      I love my little Cinnamon by Bev , she is a very talented artist and i hope that she can get her business together.
    14. I'm afraid my experience with Vanillashine has been the same as many of the most recent ones. While her artistic work is very good indeed, I will not be working with her again due to a string of untruths about when my doll's head would be shipped back, the mailing and packing I received when it was, and the lack of communication.