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Feedback for vervainHummingBird

Aug 10, 2011

    1. Please leave your feedback for me. Thank you so much!
    2. VervainHummingBird bought a pair of shorts from me. Her communication was consistent, payment was prompt, and she was super sweet. Unfortunately, the shorts were a bit big for her girl, but she was very nice about it. I would definitely do business with her again.
    3. Thank you VervainHummingBird for a very pleasant and warm transaction and comunnication. fast responding, fast paying, and truly friendly person, hope you'll enjoy shushu, and the exciting world of BJD ^^
    4. VervainHummingbird commissioned a sundress and purchased a top from me. She is lovely to work with and we had good communication through out the entire transaction! Thank you so much for your purchase! I hope to work with you again! :) Highly recommended as a buyer! AAA+++
    5. I sold VervainHummingbird (love the name, btw) a couple of MSD items. She paid very quickly, was sweet and had excellent communication. Thanks so much!
    6. :pcupcake :pcupcake Positive Feedback for a lovely person :pcupcake :pcupcake

      I sold a MNF body to VervainHummingbird~~~. She was the perfect buyer!!. All communication was perfect, very fast and nice. She is such a wonderful and lovely person !! she has become a friend of mine, <3<3<3, I highly recommend her!! would love to have a transaction with her!! thank you very, very much my dear! *________*
    7. VervainHummingBird participated in my Fairyland GO. She was quick to pay, and fast to communicate. She also let me know when the item arrived at her house. I would gladly deal with her again. ^_^
    8. vervainHummingBird bought a pair of eyes from me and the transaction was satisfactory and pleasant. :) The buyer was quick to respond, cordial and notified me immediately upon the item's arrival.

      Thank you very much~! :aheartbea
    9. VervainHummingbird contacted me about purchasing a few items from me. I had decided not to sell them and soon deleted the thread, so I figured she'd see that. I then got increasingly busy as i had just started school after break and it was my birthday. She sent me another message and I thought I replied, but as I was busy I must not have realized it didn't send for some reason. She then randomly left me bad feedback months later. I don't believe I deserved bad feedback and think she was hasty in doing so instead of contacting me again. She seems to have held a grudge about it and didn't communicate so to me, and therefore doesn't seem like a person I would do business with in the future.
    10. 1. I waited, thought you were busy or the message got lost and i sent you another message.

      2. I checked your thread before i sent a last message. The thread was still there, without the information that the items were sold nor the thread was closed.

      3. Since i have seen you were almost every day online, i asked a admin if there was an issue, sending the message to you. I could not believe that you do not want to reply. Then, i decided to wait again but no reply.

      I do not know why you think it is "hasty" to wait weeks just to receive a simple message while other people receive a message, buy items and i'm still waiting. It is part of the service to let someone (who asked) know what happened. I did not even expected to receive a massage within 1-3 days.

      And i did not have seen this as a reason to "not buy from you", nor i said i would not. If you see this as a bad feedback and if you think i'm wrong, it is ok. I was a big fan of your items and dolls you wanted to sell but it is your shop, it is your decision if you want to add me to your black list.
    11. VervainHummingbird asked to buy a doll in layaway but had to cancel due to personal circumstances. I made an exception to my layaway policies and refunded her all but the deposit money. I cannot leave positive feedback here, but she did try to keep me informed, has forfeited the deposit, and left me positive feedback for a prompt refund on the other payments.

      Please consider this feedback neutral, as I believe she did her best given the circumstances.
    12. I bought a MiniFee body from vervainHummingBird. Sadly it was lost in the mail but since it was insured I ended up getting my money back.

      What happened was not vervainHummingBird's fault as she did everything she was expected to. When the body was lost she did all she needed to do to complain to the postal service and making sure I would get the money. It took a long time but that was not her fault. It was the postal service that was slow. The body was send just before Christmas and I got my money back today. (18th of April)

      I was happy with everything vervainHummingBird did and I wouldn't hesitate buying from her again. :)

      Thanks Nami.