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Feedback For Veryiya

Apr 8, 2010

    1. Hello, I am I-ya.
      From Thailand Bangkok.
      I open a little shop in Thailand
      You can Comment about me , item , and anther.
      And thank you for every comment.:fangirl:
    2. I-ya commissioned me to do the faceup of her Dollgru 09 head.
      She was very prompt and quick in responding to messages.
      She was also very quick with the payment.
      I would definitely not mind having another kind of transaction with her. ^_^
    3. I sold Yaoyue head to veryiya . Payment is so fastly and all comminucation so perfect and she so kindly. ^_^

      Thank You So Much for your cute, again ^_^
    4. Excellent buyer! Very responsive and super fast payment. Highly recommended! ~Gus
    5. +++ I-ya bought a doll from me. Great communication, fast payment... Thank you very much :) +++
    6. I-ya purchased a yosd doll from me. She's very friendly and sweet person. Good in communication!
      It's been a great pleasure to deal with her. Highly recommended. I am looking forward to do business again with you!
      Thanks a lot!!
    7. I-ya purchased an SD16 Kira from me. Fastest communication I've ever had from a buyer, very prompt payment, and very friendly overall. Very happy to have worked with her. Thank you!
    8. I sold a Volks Nana to Veryiya, and she paid quickly, and was nice to talk to! I'm shipping your new doll out tomorrow, I-ya!

      I'd recommend her to buy from anyone!
    9. I had a great transaction with Veryiya
      she paid quick and always replied me kindly
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10. I sold a fulldoll on layaway to Veryiya, and it was a great transaction. Payments were prompt and she kept communication on and friendly. She even finished the layaway earlier than scheduled. I'd love to do business with her again in future. Thanks!
    11. Sold to Veryiya! Great to deal with! Would work with again. :] <3
    12. I sold several pairs of SD16 shoes to I-Ya, she&#8217; very friendly and communication is very smooth. I would like to recommend her to everyone~
    13. Excellent buyer. Would do business with again. ^^
    14. I sold a Volks Shizuku to Veryiya. She paid promptly, was great on communication, and let me know when the package arrived. I'd sell to her anytime~
    15. I bought a DZ Dragon Boy from Veryiya. She was very considerate of my situation, and she was very quick. She was able to reply to questions that day and she did not mind waiting for Payment. Communication was perfect! I could not ask for a better seller. <3 A++
    16. i bought a Leekworld Mikhaila from I-Ya(veryiya). my experience with her was perfect; communication and shipping were seamless and timely. thanks so much for an amazing transaction!
    17. I bought a fullset Azura limited and everything went so fast.
      She did everything with this buy so it went smooth.
      A very friendly, nice person, and the communication were super!

      An excellent seller. :D
    18. I purchased a Leekeworld Mikhaila (purerose) from I-ya on layaway. She is one of the most patient sellers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. There were some payments that I had to push back, and she was so understanding! Her packaging was superb, and very good at communication. I hope to do business with her again soon. Thank you again!
    19. I purchased a DZ body from I-ya on layaway. She was really wonderful during all the transaction. Packaging was perfect: well protected with pillows and double box.

      I would do business again with her with no doubt! Thank you!
    20. I-Ya just bought a SOOM jakel head from me. What a cute & patient girl she is! Everything is perfect except the high tax fee.:doh Sorry, my fault. Hope will do business with her again. Thanks.