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Feedback for Ves-chan

May 13, 2011

    1. Hi!
      This is my thead for feedbacks. :)
    2. Ves-chan bought a Dolomi head from me. Payment was fast, and the communication was perfect! I would not hesitate to buy or sell from Ves-chan again! Many many thanks for being such a wonderful buyer!
    3. Ves-chan bought a doll from me. Paid very timely with great communication! Thank you for being so sweet! A delightful buyer! <3
    4. Ves-chan bought an Iple wig for me and I could not have asked for a transaction anymore perfect :) communication was great, payment prompt, and I was told when the item was received. A wonderful buyer, thanks again!
    5. Excellent seller, very hepful and patient! I've bought a doll from her and he cames well packaged, and she answered every request I did. I'd love to make deal with her on the future. :3nodding:
    6. I bought a ringdoll pan from aces-chan and the whole transaction was awesome from start to finish. He was wrapped securely and had an awesome faceup. I recommend Ves-chan to everyone as a sweet seller!
    7. This is the second time I've bought something from Ves-chan. It was a Souldoll Kagel head (vampire version), and again, as I expected, it was a great deal.

      She is a amazing seller, very reliable and very helpful. She was very honest, exposing her concern with Russian mail (not much diferent from Brazilian mail), warning me that it might delay and so on ... And it really took a while (there and here!). Hahahahaha :XD::XD:

      Everything worked out in the end! :3nodding: The head came very well packaged, exactly as described in the sale topic, very clean and protected with infinite layers of bubble plastic and paper towel.

      And as a face up artist she is simply amazing. I gave her a reference photo and she did exactly what I wanted, and she works very fast, always sending me photos of the process so I could check if everything was ok.

      No doubt she's the best seller I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. Strongly recommend and I'd definitely buy from her again. Positive feedback !! :thumbup

    8. Ves-chan purchased an armour from me. Communication was wonderful and payment was fast. A highly recommended buyer and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you.
    9. I have just had the pleasure of buying a doll from Ves-chan. Ves-Chan was very honest about the Russian postal system being notoriously slow which i knew from experience anyway, and looked into various shipping options for me at my request. Once she was shipped she came very quickly from Russia to the U.K and was packaged really well. She is a beautiful doll and i am so pleased with her!

      I would recommend Ves-Chan to buy from - a friendly and honest seller.