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Oct 26, 2016

    1. Feel free to leave your feedback here if I have bought anything from you or you from me.

      Thank You!
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    2. This was a great transaction, everything went smoothly and the buyer paid for the product within minutes of an agreement.
    3. I sold a Souldoll Diammah to VictorBJD, VictorBJD had wonderful communication and paid quickly. Was patient with me as I was unable to ship out the first day because of a bubble wrap shortage, VictorBJD let me know as soon as Diammah arrived! I would definitely do business again with VictorBJD wonderful buyer! AAA+++ buyer!!!
    4. I commissioned 2 sweaters and they were made and shipped really fast! Communication was great, I got replies to my messages within an hour. The sweaters themselves were really nicely made and I would definitely recommend them if you're looking for some (especially if you like kpop). Thank you :3nodding:
    5. I sold a RingDoll K head to VictorBJD and the transaction went smoothly! They told me when the head got there and was very pleasant to sell to. I would love to do business again.
    6. I sold a 5-6" wig to them and they communicated super well, sent payment fast, and were super kind! ❤ I would do business with them again for sure! Thank you so much for being so sweet!!!!
    7. VictorBJD bought a modded Dollshe Fashion Khan from me, and the transaction was wonderful! Friendly communication, fast payment, and they let me know when the doll got there safe! Would definitely recommend as a buyer!
    8. VictorBJD bought a Soul Doll Yeon Soo from me. Communication was friendly, prompt payment and they let me know when the doll got there safe. Would definitely recommend as a buyer.
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