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Feedback for Vienni

Jun 11, 2009

    1. Hello~ Please post a feedback if you've deal any transaction with me.
      Thanks in advance~ :)
    2. aw i'm the first person!

      Vienni is very nice and pleasant customer to deal with, very kind and understandable
      Prompt and fast payment, Thank you very much!
      Recommended!!!! :XD:
    3. Vienni had a commission for Madame Red costume from CHOCO.
      She is very kind and friendly person, patient and nice to deal with, great transaction and understandable communicaton.
      If you want to buy or sell from her, highly recommend from me~~~
      Thanks again for lovely Vienni!
    4. Vienni joined my Dollmore GO for Indonesians. ^^ She paid on time... and is a very sweet person in real life. XD We stay in communication until all packages have been sent and received. ^^ Thank you for joining, and for everything. ^^ Good luck to you too, dear!!! X3 *hugs*
    5. Vienni bought a SSDF body from me. althought we have the problem during the transaction (the body was broken because of the doll design). Vienni and me dealed the problem peaceful.
      Vienni is a very nice personal, thank you so much!!
    6. I purchased a SSDF body from Vienni. It came in the exact condition as stated, along with some sticky tac and a cute keychain! She is a very wonderful seller and very helpful to a first time buyer on the DoA marketplace. She answered all questions in a timely manner and kept me updated on every step of the transaction. I would definitely buy from her again.
    7. I do face up for Vienni's girl. And I have a pleasant transaction with her. Vienni is really a sweet and fun person to talk with. She payed so fast. You're the best, dear... Really High recommended !!! Thank you so much for everything, dear.... I love you . :aheartbea
    8. Bought luts wintery 2009 head from her she hamdle very quick, def buying from her again
    9. Sorry for the late feedback.... >___<
      Again I do face up for Vienni's girl. Well, what can I say. As always, a brilliant and pleasant transaction ever !! I guess I can't get tired do business with you, dear. LOL. I hope you're either. XDDDDDD
      Definitely an A+++ partner if you want to do any transaction. Very sweet, patient, and fast in payment.

      Thank you so much for everything dear... hope you all the best. ^3^
    10. I am here.
      I bought a Feelple 70cm boy body from Vienni.
      She is very good! the package is very nice!
      And she is very polite and reliable!
      I recommend her very much!
    11. Vienni joined my Soom Phonolus split for the wings. :D Paid on schedule and kept in communication until the package arrived at her house! ^^ She was very patient and understanding when I couldn't find the box to send the wings immediately and had to wait. >.< She's sweet and a very reliable split partner! ^^ I would be glad to recommend her anytime!
    12. Again I do face up for Vienni's boy and girl . And once again, the transaction goes so smooth. It was a brilliant. ^^. Pay very fast and very understanding when I was so long doing the face up job. She very polite, friendly, and so dear. Very recommended !! Thank you so much for everything again, Dear... >w<
    13. Vienni purchased two outfits from me via layaway, and the transaction could not have been better! :aheartbea Vienni's communication was lovely, and she kept me updated with each layaway payment. She was a delight to talk to, very sweet, and a joy to have a transaction with. She even sent me pictures of her adorable dolls wearing their new outfits :XD: It was an absolute pleasure and I wouldn't hesitate from future transactions with her~ :D Thank you so much! :chocoheart:chocoheart:chocoheart
    14. Vienni commissioned a face-up from me, and was absolutely wonderful through the whole process.
      Thank you for the chance to work on your boy, Vina! :)
    15. Vienni commish me again to do face up for her boys and girl. I never bored to do transaction with her. Always so sweet and very understanding when I must take more time and all delay because of box matter. Paid very promply and everything was a delight. I really reccomended her to anyone. Thank you so much for everything again, Dear....:D
    16. Vienni bought a Soom Mega Gem body from me. Everything went smoothly with quick payment and good communication. I would be happy to sell to her again anytime. :)

      Thanks again! :chocoberry
    17. Again and again, Vienni commish me to do face up for her boy. It always be a splendid transaction ever. Pretty understanding, kind , and everything that I would love for being a partner for any transaction. Thank you so much for everything, Dear .. Hope you don't get bored with me too .. ;) . Haha ..
    18. Vienni joined my Crobi split! She was always friendly and prompt with her communication and paid fast. She let me know as soon as the head arrived, also~ I wouldn't hesitate to do business with again any time~ Thank you very much :)
    19. Vienni bought a Soom outfit from me. Everything went very well with very fast payment and nice communication. I am always happy to sell to her anytime. :)

      Thanks again! :whitetruffle
    20. For countless time, I do face up commission for Vienni's Crobidoll boy.And again, it was a perfect transaction ever . It was a delight. Vienni pretty kind and patient with my slowness and give me so much freedom to face her boy. At the end, She paid very prompt and kindly let me know and give me the pic when she received her boy. :D Thank you so much, Dear .. I >3 Vienni so much ! :aheartbea