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Feedback for Vincent

Sep 7, 2007

    1. this is my feedback tread. ple leave some for me, if I have sold you anything, or bought from you :)
    2. Vincent has bougt a lot of stuff from me, cp bw el, nanuri 07 head, a hound, ns lishe head and a lot off small stuff like clothes and so on. Always got payment at time, and she is a wonderfull buyer ^^
    3. I purchased a doll body from Vincent and it was a great experience! She did an excellent job on the package to secure the body and sent it very fast!
      She is a wonderful, reliable and trustworthy person! I highly recommend her for any future business transaction!
      Thank you!
    4. Vincent bought a Hound sweater and jeans from us. She was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!!