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Feedback for violetpoof

Dec 28, 2011

    1. Wow, I finally got around to doing this. Yup a Feedback thread. Uhh if I made any transactions with you, please send feedback remarks here :)
      Thank you~
    2. violetpoof purchased an Iplehouse YID Louis head from me - her pms and emails
      were prompt and friendly, she asked for a short hold and paid Faster than promised!!
      AND she let me know when the package arrived safely too!
      I am delighted that you're so happy with him!

      Thank you for a Wonderful transaction!
      Robyn_in_WA :)
    3. Violetpoof participated in a split with me for a tawny Phonolus head. She paid by layaway (faster than expected!) and had great communication. Thanks a lot!
    4. violetpoof bought a Crobi doll from me. She paid quick and was very friendly and communicative throughout the transaction. Highly recommend to all sellers. Thank you again!
    5. violetpoof was in my dollmore GO. And I had a very good transaction with her! violetpoof was also very friendly. highly recommended!
    6. Violetpoof bought a Crobidoll DD Tei from me via layaway (+ A pair of Leekeworld horns later on) and all I can say is she was absolutely wonderful to deal with! Quick and nice communication, informed me if she believed in any delays happening. She paid on time and let me know then her new boy arrived! I'd highly recommend her as a buyer and thank you again for the smooth transaction!
    7. Violetpoof bought a DM Leah from me on layaway. Absolutely no problems and she even paid ahead of schedule. Thank you very much!
    8. Violetpoof was a part of my Souldoll Isaac split and everything went wonderfully! Payments were made on time and with steady communication throughout. She let me know when she received her item. Everything went very smoothly, it was a treat doing having her a part of the split. ^-^ Would not hesitate to have any other transactions with her again. Thanks!
    9. Violetproof bought an Epidos horn from me. She was delightful - so kind and did just what she said she would! I would definitely work with her again. :)
    10. Violetpoof purchased a VMF50 from me around a month ago. After exchanging some messages about questions related to payments and such, she finally sent a single payment. It took me 1 month to ship because of problems I quickly shared with Violetpoof and all her replies were fast and kind toward me. Violetpoof have been patient and understood the situation the whole time. I'm glad I could have a buyer like her in such a suddent bad moment of my life, she was an angel to deal with and she let me know as soon as she received the doll.

      Very good buyer. I will definitively sell to her once again if she ever want to deal with me again haha :3 Joke apart, thanks a lot for the great transaction