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Feedback for Virra-el.

Oct 14, 2008

    1. Please leave feedback if you've ever had a transaction with me. :blush

    2. I know Virra-el as very good and responsible organizer of group orders. It's always pleasant to have a deal with her :)
    3. She's WONDERFUL to deal with and is a great communicator. I sent a PM to her asking about the item and only a few minutes later, did she reply. I was amazed.
      Great transaction, perfectly described item AND fast shipping! I highly recommend her. Thank you so much!!!
    4. Virra-el The very attentive, diligent and responsible organizer of the orders.
    5. Very responsible buyer! I remained in delight from it!!! I highly recommend her. Thanks. I will be glad to continue to co-operate!
    6. I know Virra-el as a really gorgeous person and excellent of collectibe orders, i'm gonna to continue working together, i really recommened her
    7. Excellent organizer of collective order
      She's very symphatetic and responsible person. It's please to have a deal with
      Highly recommend
    8. Virra-el excellent organizer of collective order.
      It very attentive and reliable person for whom always it is possible to hope!
      It the responsible seller and the buyer.
    9. The remarkable and very responsible person. To show consideration for any trifles, I trust it unconditionally.
    10. Virra-el is a grate organizer of big group orders. She’s very attentive and responsible, always quick and honest with the information.
      I staid perfectly satisfied. And seek to cooperate with her in future because this is a person I can rely on.