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Feedback for VisualK

Dec 15, 2008

    1. Please leave a feedback for me!
    2. [SIZE="-10"]Yay! I get to be first~

      VisualK participated in my Luts group order for small items and is also currently signed up for several other group orders that I am running! :D She's very friendly, quick when it comes to paying invoices and great when it comes to keeping up her end of communication. I'm very confident that I will never have complaints when doing business with her. Highly recommended~

      :hollyberry Thank you for being such a wonderful participant!! :D I really do appreciate it!! :hollyberry
    3. VisualK bought a can of MSC UV-flat from me. She was very kind and pleasant to talk over PMs and paid quickly.
      When the package arrived, she let me know as well. Thank you for a wonderful transaction!!

      --- yeast
    4. VisualK bought some items from me~
      >< she make a very qickly payment~ and we have wonderful communication~
      really soo easy to deal with~
      thanks~ ^^
    5. I'm back again to leave more feedback for Visual K. :D

      She participated in my Dollmore #7, Glass Eyes #2 and Shoes and Boots group orders. :) As before, she was absolutely wonderful to deal with. Invoices are always paid promptly and communication is always great, these were all stellar transactions and it goes without saying that I still highly recommend her. She's still signed up for two more group orders that I'm running, so I'll be back to leave more feedback for her soon! :D

      :clover Thankies!! :clover
    6. VisualK bought doll outfits from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    7. VisualK bought a shirt from me and was very friendly and paid quickly. We definately do business with again! Thank you!
    8. Back once more to leave feedback for VisualK. :) She participated in my first Leekeworld order run this time around and everything went well as expected. :D

      :clover Thank you for being so awesome in another group order run!! :clover
    9. VisualK did a faceup for me, she was very friendly and she did great work! Thanks! :3nodding:
    10. VisualK bought some tiny balloons from me~!

      She was very friendly and paid promptly!

      Definitely a recommended buyer~!!

      Thank you for the lovely transaction~!
    11. I sold some SD T-shirts to VisualK. :)

      She was very pleasant to deal with and communicative. Payment was sent promptly. A very smooth transaction. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks. :)
    12. VisualK did a fantastic job on my Bobobie Ju! Here's the reference picture:


      And here's the results:


      Gah, I love it so much! And she was so pleasant and easy to work with. Thanks very, very much! :)
    13. VisualK bought a skirt from our last update. Quick payment and a delight to work with. Thanks so much!!
    14. We bought a black TATA vest and a pair of sneakers from VisualK and the transaction couldn't have been smoother. She answered all PMs promptly and courteously and shipped very quickly. The items arrived and were perfect! I would definitely do business with her again!

      Thanks again. :D
    15. VisualK participated in my Crobidoll group order as well as my Glass Eyes group order. She's always great to work with and was very understanding when there was a bit of a mix-up with her wig. I'd work with her again with no hesitation! :)

      :clover Thank you for always being so wonderful to work with!! :clover
    16. I ordered a face up for my first bjd head, the pictures don't do justice to what she did. I really love it. :D VisualK was great to work with. I would business with her again.
    17. Visualk just did a face up for me on my DOD Shall. I have a few pictures around of her face up on doa, her new one that Visualk did just blew me away!!! This is my first doll and i was getting so discouraged with her but Visualk made her everything I had hoped for. If you need a face up I definitely highly recommend her!

      Thank you so much again,
    18. VisualK just completed a face up on my Jaime Adonis Vito doll - she did a great job and was really quick too! I will post pics as soon as I can! She was really great to work with.
    19. [​IMG]
    20. A wonderful selling! @w@ I would not hesitate from buying from her again.