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Feedback for Vitasoy :3

Jul 20, 2008

    1. Aloha~

      If you have bought stuff from me or sold stuff to me, please leave your feedback here. Thanks in advance! :aheartbea
    2. Vitasoy bought a Dollmore Pado from me. She was quick with paymeny, and always fast and very nice in her pm's. She even send me a nice poicture of the doll when he had arrived at her home. Thumbs up for Vitasoy! ^^
    3. Vitasoy is prompt with payment and sends pictures too for web site! <3

      And I love her. XD
    4. Sold a wig to Vitasoy, super fast payment and great communication~ Thanks again!
    5. Vitasoy ordered a fur wig from my shop! She's super nice! Super easy to work with. ^_^ Quick payment! Easy communication!
      Please come back anytime~! \(^_^)/
    6. Vitasoy ordered another wig from me! She's GREAT as always! Always easy to communicate with. Very Understanding~ Please come again anytime. ^_^
    7. Vitasoy commissioned a faceup from me, and was absolutely sweet and friendly the whole way through. Thanks much for letting me know she arrived safely, and I'm so glad you like her! I hope you have lots of fun with her ^^
    8. Vitasoy bought a wig from me. She was very friendly and communication is very easy. Payment is fast. Thank you.
    9. Vitasoy ordered two special commissioned wigs from my shop! it was fun! she let me mix however i please. ^_^ Payment as quick as usual! Communication was great!

      Thank you for coming back~ You're always welcome at our place!
    10. Vitasoy bought a Foofie pack from me. She paid quickly and kept great communication.

      Thank you so much! <3
    11. Vita bought a set of bracelets and two sets of rings from me. She was super sweet and easy to contact, quick with responses and generally awesome! I'll always happily do business with her! <3
    12. Gah, I'm so sorry your feedback slipped my mind for a bit >< Vitasoy is one of my nicest customers ever! Very friendly in emails, very patient and accommodating, no payment problems - did two faceups for her recently and I'd love to do more ^^
    13. I wanted to leave A+ for Vitasoy [bought trousers from me]. Very nice person, no problem with payments, informed when package arrived. Everything went smoothly! ^___^
    14. Good transaction with Vitasoy who purchased a Volks pin from me. Payment was fast and communication was good. A great buyer. Thanks!
    15. Vitasoy bought a pair of slippers from me. She paid very quickly and kept great communication.
    16. Still one of my absolute favorite commissioners :) Vitasoy ordered another faceup from me for last week, and continued to do what I've come to expect - she was accurate, detailed, prompt, patient, accommodating and all-around awesome ^.^ I do so hope Daphne makes your birthday extra happy!
    17. Vitasoy participated in my Soom GO and she was a wonderful participant! She paid fast and was very kind and understanding about any delays :)
    18. Vitasoy, is one of my best customer! She'd ordered some more wigs from my commission shop~ Payment are always fast! Always understanding and easy to work with!

      I hope to see you again soon~~~
    19. Great buyer, payment was very prompt. No problems whatsoever! 8D
    20. Vitasoy bought a KDF Bory and eyes from me :) Paid fast and great communication! Would defiantly do business with again!