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Feedback for Voynich

Jun 24, 2008

    1. Hello!

      Please leave feedback for me here when I've bought from you or sold to you.

      Thanks very much!

    2. Voynich bought a pair of Luts boots from me, kept in communication and paid on dates we agreed on. Would gladly deal with again. Thanks!
    3. Great buyer who paid fast and responded quickly ^^
    4. I recently completed a face-up on Voynich's Ying and sold an Iplehouse Dreaming Lion head to her. Her communication was great throughout and she was very pleasant and friendly through both transactions-couldn't ask for better! :)
    5. I buy to Voynich a Bobobie sunny boy.
      The communication was perfect , sending ultra fast , well package , and she give me a wig for the boy !! So nice !!
      I give her a really really good mark!

      Thank you !!
    6. A wonderful buyer, gave great communication... thank you so much! ^^
    7. Voynich bought a SD size knife set from me. She paid fast and communication was wonderful. She's a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thank you so much! <3
    8. Voynich is a wonderfully patient buyer! I wouldn't hesitate selling anything to her. :3
    9. Voynich bought the jacket from me.
      Fast payment and friendly communication.
      Thanks so much!
    10. I did a face-up on Voynich's Narin-such a lovely transaction! Awesome communication and timely payment. :)
    11. Laura bought my Lati Limited Chaim on layaway.

      She was very prompt, peplied quickly to pms ans was good about keeping payment dates. I highly recommend her as a buyer to anyone :)
    12. Voynich bought my SOOM Onyx, and was a model buyer in every way. Thanks for a great transaction! :)
    13. Voynich bought from me a wig and it was really a smooth transaction. Good persona and great buyer ^_^
    14. Voynich purchased a unicorn headdress from me, and the transaction went flawlessly! She even let me know when it arrived safely! Thanks, Voynich!
    15. [SIZE="-10"]Voynich participated in my Glass Eyes group order and everything went amazingly well. Payments were made promptly, communication was well kept and she was an all around pleasure to deal with. I appreciate her participation in my group order and wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again.

      :clover Thank you for being such a wonderful participant!! :clover
    16. Voynich bought doll outfit from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    17. I've bought a doll from Voynich and she's a fantastic seller, quick and friendly communication and fast shipping.
      Thanks so much:fangirl:!!
    18. I wanted to say thank you to Voynich for letting me buy her Dollzone Ying body. She has been really helpful and nice during the layaway. Because she got a bit delayed at the end by flu and exams (argh) she not only sent him by express mail, but included a nice and really useful pair of trousers, and some glastic eyes.

      I am tickled pink about the trousers because I hadn't been able to get any for him, so he would have been nekkid, poor guy!

      Oh and the body was really well packed and arrived in great condition...:fangirl::fangirl::fangirl:
    19. I recently completed a face-up on Voynich's Chaim-as always, she was wonderful to work with!! Friendly and good communication and a very sweet person. Thanks so much :)
    20. Wonderful buyer! Very prompt with payment and all communication, and was extremely understanding despite shipping delays. I'm very glad to have sold my SwD School A to her. :aheartbea