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Feedback for Vtheyoshi

Dec 10, 2007

    1. This is the feedback thread for Vtheyoshi! :) If I've done a transaction with you, please leave me feedback and I'll do the same for you~

      Thank you~!
    2. I bought a wig not too long ago from Vtheyoshi. Super transaction and I would absolutely recommend buying from her.
    3. Vtheyoshi bought a pair of boots from me. She was great to deal with! I'd love to sell to her again. Thanks ^^
    4. Vtheyoshi bought a CP type 3 body from me and she's a fantastic buyer! She was very decisive and informative. Her payment came extraordinarily fast as well. A very pleasant transaction and I would definitely deal with her again!
    5. vtheyoshi joined one of my group orders...she paid immediately, and was a pleasure to do business with!
    6. Because I'm good at running Migidoll group orders but not so good at posting timely feedback for my GO members... I'm catching up and thanking everyone that participated in my group order for being so fantastic including Vtheyoshi!

      Fast communication and super-fast payment. Thanks so much for making this 3rd Migidoll GO a super success :aheartbea
    7. Vtheyoshi commissioned me to do a faceup for her Ryu.
      Friendly communication and fast payment. It is so great to work with Vtheyoshi! :)
      I'll highly recommend her!
      Thank you very much! ^^
    8. Vtheyoshi participated in my Soom GO and it was pleased to deal with her. She replied pms friendly and her payment arrived quickly.
      Thank you again!
    9. What started as a simple manicure request turned into so much more...

      I met Vtheyoshi at a doll meet-up when I visited Albuquerque last year around Christmas-time! During that time I saw her dolls' pretty manicures and found out she did them herself. She pleasantly offered to do the same for my dolls in the future if I wanted. I said I would contact her, and did a few months later after a new doll arrival. She agreed to do manicures for the hands of my two current SD girls. As it got closer to the time to send the hands off, I also discovered that my newest SD girl's faceup had not been sealed well enough and was beginning to come off. I contacted V again, asking if it was possible to do a recovery on the blush that had begun to come off. She agreed to this, and more, agreed to also blush the hybrid doll's body to more closely match the head and give it an overall pretty look. This led to further offers! V also offered to sand the body of seams and separate the fingers of the DoT female hands.

      I agreed to having all of this work done and sent the doll + extra hands off. Communication was wonderful, detailed, quick, and friendly the entire time. The work was completed EXTREMELY quickly and everything was shipped back to me with every piece more carefully wrapped than I had even sent it off. The work done is good and everything appears to be sealed well. All of the blushing, finger separation, and seam sanding was done satisfactorily.

      I would certainly do business with Vtheyoshi again, and I'm sure I will sometime in the near future. Thanks so much, V!
    10. Vtheyoshi joined my Leekeworld Go. She's paid both invoices in such a quick manner and is lovely to deal with~ :) Great transaction!
    11. [FONT=宋体]she purchased doll glass eyes from me and it was a pleasure to do business with her! she is very kind and friendly ,There were no problems with the transactions, and communication was great. Thank you very much! and i sincerely recommend you to all people[/FONT][FONT=宋体]2010 Christmas Action[/FONT][FONT=宋体]One pair eyes(normal dome)+One set eyelashes=9.89$[/FONT][FONT=宋体]from 22th Nov. until 22th Dec.[/FONT][FONT=宋体]it is high appreciated to bring this information to your friends[/FONT]
    12. Vtheyoshi bought doll glass eyes from me fast payment great communication great buyer thank you very much^^
    13. VtheYoshi joined my migma split.

      She paid very promptly and was an absolute delight to work with! : D

      I would gladly split with her again <3 I'm so glad she got her parcel back and am glad i could be helpful~!
    14. vtheyoshi purchased Amber fauna hands and arms from me. Communication was, of course, wonderful. And she paid very quickly. The entire transaction was just awesome. ^__^ Thank you so much, V!
    15. vtheyoshi commissioned me for a faceup for her Soom Migma, and everything went perfectly. Her instructions were clear, she was very sweet and friendly, and prompt with payment and shipping. I'd be thrilled to work with vtheyoshi again anytime! :)
    16. Dear Vth. bought custom eyes from me again , it is my great houor to work for her, she is always very kind as a customer,and very friendly ,especially encourage me to improve .

      i would like say the same words which you said to me :
      she is a dream to work with , anytime you need me , pls not forget me.

      best wishes to you everyday in every second
    17. I commissioned vtheyoshi to blush some fantasy pieces and a male SG body for me. Even with her schedule, she managed to finished the pieces extremely fast. She was wonderful with updating and shipped them out right after she finished. ^__^

      And of course, I would gladly do business with her again and I highly recommend her! Thank you so much, V~ :aheartbea