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Feedback for Warumono

Nov 6, 2007

    1. I do not know if any of you will remember me since my absence for a year or two... but I am back and I needed a feedback thread sooo...

      If you remember me or have recently "worked" with me than please feel free to leave feedback!

      Thanks ~
    2. Warumono bought a hair attachment from me and was very quick with her payment and was super friendly, Thanks! :D
    3. I donated an item from Seams for Free to Warumono. Warumono paid quickly for shipping and was friendly. ^^
    4. I sold Warumono a mnf lishe boy she is a sweet girl paid ontime and we have become good friends! Great buyer.
    5. I bought shoes from her nearly a year ago XDD it was a good transaction~ thanks!
    6. Feedback forum doesn't allow us to edit out posts any longer, just wanted to mention that I've come to realise Warumono is a BOY, so I guess I bought shoes from him nearly a year ago. Haha, sorry about that!
    7. Warumono adopted a wig from me from the Seams for Free thread. Communication was friendly and very quick. Sometimes I had a reply even before I could refresh the page!

      Thank you!
    8. Sold Warumono a hat!~ Great buyer! Thanks so much!
    9. Warumono bought a pair of boots form me. Fast payment! Great buyer! Thanks!! :)
    10. Sold Warumono a MNF sleeping Shiwoo head whose eyes I'd opened. Warumono offered good advice on removing the head's previous faceup and had me do that before buying the head at a discount. Paid promptly; item was shipped within 24 hours. I was threatened with being "reported" when, due to holiday preparations, I could not immediately relay the tracking number (which was relayed by the next day). Warumono's apology included that a friend had made the post for her using her account, which I personally find completely inappropriate for business within this forum (and which is, in addition, against the General Forum Rules posted at http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=164603 ).

      Not interested in further transactions with this person.
    11. Warumono recently purchased a Leeke wig from me. She was super nice, paid quickly and was very communicative. Thanks for the great transaction!:thumbup :thumbup
    12. Warumono purchased a Shiwoo head from me and was a nice and friendly person to work with!
    13. Negative - Problem Transaction Thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=195044

      Warumono was in my DZ group order. She was extremely rude, lied to me countless times and denies things that she's said. She was doing a layaway with me and pesters me to send off her stuff before it's finished so I did. She conveniently disappears the day after the package is delivered... I will never deal with her again as she has turned this group order into complete chaos and had caused alot of trouble for me and others. I advise anyone not to do business with her and stay away from at all costs.