Feedback for watercolorpastels

Feb 15, 2019

    1. Hi :)

      If you've traded with me, bought from me or sold to me please leave your feedback here :aheartbea

      my pronouns are he/him!
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    2. I purchased a Souldoll MSD head from watercolorpastels. The head was shipped out lightning fast and arrived to me safely, well-packed with plenty of bubble-wrap along with a sweet note and some yummy candy that watercolorpastels had been so kind to enclose^^
      Couldn't ask for a better seller! I will be happy to do business with this lovely DOA member anytime again in the future ^___^
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    3. I purchased a Souldoll body from watercolorpastels. Our communication was great, she shipped the body quickly, and she packaged it so, so well. I would happily work with her again!
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    4. Watercolorpastels bought FairyLand white Lucywen centaur body from me on layaway.
      Not only did she pay the layaway off well ahead of time, she also PM'd me to let me know the doll had arrived safely.
      Friendly, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her as a buyer :D
      Thank you. :aheartbea
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    5. I bought an Erda and Erda sp head from her. She shipped so fast, and both heads were neatly packed. Thank you for the efficient transaction. I would buy from her again. :whee:
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    6. Awesome seller! I bought a fairyland body, they was very kind to talk to and sent it out for shipping super quick. It was well packaged. Thank you!!
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    7. I had a wonderfully pleasant transaction with watercolorpastels, who kindly contacted me about a Kanadoll Adrian head that was listed for sale. In a wonderful turn of fate, Adrian happened to be the grail of watercolorpastels' boyfriend, which gladdened my heart—it is a gratifying feeling to assist in someone receiving a longed-for doll! After a light discussion, watercolorpastels swiftly paid for Adrian, and I sent him out for his journey shortly afterward. When he arrived, I was informed, and it was absolutely delightful to hear that watercolorpastels' boyfriend was thrilled with the surprise.

      It was a perfect and simple transaction. I am grateful for watercolorpastels' efficiency in payment and communication. Should the opportunity arise to engage in another transaction with watercolorpastels, I would do so happily. Thank you so much! <3
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