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Feedback for weepingpiano

Jun 2, 2012

    1. Please leave feedback after transactions. I will do the same for you. :)
    2. I sold a Doll Leaves hybrid to weepingpiano. Good communication and prompt payment, she was a pleasure to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. Thanks!
    3. + Positive feedback
      Everything was perfect, she bought me a Breakaway head.
      100% Recommended, all fast and perfect
    4. weeping piano bought my Nanuri 07 WS head. She paid for him super fast and was great to deal with! I'd definitely do business with her again!

    5. weepingpiano bought an OOAK head I had up for sale, and was wonderful throughout! Contact was friendly and clear, she was patient through the process and paid promptly, and everything worked out beautifully. Thanks so much!
    6. weepingpiano bought my LUTS '12 event head and the sale was wonderfully smooth. She paid quickly, communicated often, and has just been an all around dear to work with. I would definitely recommend her to others! Thanks again! :)
    7. weepingpiano bought an outfit from my thread and a set of undies in another really awesome transaction ^^ I enjoyed the chat as well as the excellent customership! Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy it!
    8. Weepingpiano bought Another Secret Mr. Rabbit from me, it was a wonderful transaction with great communication, I would do business with her anytime..thanks again! I would love to see what you have planned for him. :)
    9. WeepingPiano and I did a trade when she accepted my offer ^___^
      It was a lovely deal and I am very happy with it. I wouldn't hesitate in do business again.
    10. Absolutely amazing transaction! weepingpiano purchased Soom Chalco fantasy legs and hands on layaway and it couldn't have gone any smoother. Thanks again for a wonderful transaction!
    11. I recently put a Soom Zinc on layaway with weepingpiano! Weepingpiano was friendly and made sure he was packed securely He arrived safe and sound and i couldn't be happier! It was a smooth transaction and I would definitely be willing to purchase from her again :3
    12. weepingpiano commissioned 2 hoodies from me and was awesome to work with! Great communication, prompt payment and super patient while I worked on them! Overall a pleasant transaction and I'd love to work with her again! Thanks! :)
    13. weepingpiano participated in my Tom Hiddleston group order! Payment was prompt, communication fast and everything went smoothly! I would work with weepingpiano again anyday.
    14. Weepingpiano participated in my Benmore split for fantasy parts. Great communication, prompt payment, great split partner. Thanks again!!
    15. **SUPER POSITIVE**

      I did a trade with Weepingpiano for a DL YouYou. In the process of the trade, I discovered she also had an MK, so we started up a trade for him as well! She was so fantastic to work with! I finished the YouYou trade no problem, and part of the MK, but I suffered a shoulder sprain which caused my whole arm/hand to hurt. I haven't been able to crochet since! She was super patient with me while I was trying to finish the trade. I realized I couldn't keep dragging it out and going so slow, so I decided to just go ahead and pay full price for the MK and send her the sheep as a gift for waiting so long and her patience. She was super fantastic to work with as well as a super nice person. I highly recommend her! <3 Communication was great and the Doll Loves are simply fantastic. I really can't thank her enough! ^^
    16. Had a fantastic transaction with weepingpiano for a Breakaway '08 head. The head was securely packed and arrived to me in great condition. :) She replied promptly when I had questions.

      I would not hesitate to transact with her again! Thank you so much for the pleasant experience. :)
    17. I had the opportunity to purchase a Doll Zone Star doll from weepingpiano and it is by far the best transaction I have ever had online. She was fast, efficient, and even maintained constant contact with shipping details and the receipt of the doll. Totally awesome :D
    18. Bought a Luts Winter Event 08 head from weepingpiano, and the transaction went rather smoothly besides a little hiccup after the head arrived, but she corrected the problem quickly without hesitation so I am very pleased. She had great communication, and let me do a sort of layaway on the head before promptly shipping it as soon as weather permitted.

      Thank you very much!
    19. Bought a Luts BW Delf nanuri 07 head from weepinpiano. shipped out extremely fast and arrived very secure. Would buy from her again! ^^
    20. I've bought Another Secret Mr. Rabbit head from Weepingpiano. It was a wonderful transaction with great communication, I would do business with her anytime..thanks again! :)