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Feedback for Weirdnessmagnet

Jun 9, 2008

    1. Hi all! Here's a place to leave feedback for transactions with me. Thanks!
    2. Sold a Domuya Fay/Syon head to her. Payment went smoothly and communication was great. I'd definitely sell to her again! :D
    3. I sold Her a doll and everything went perfectly smooth~ Payment was fast and she was such a pleasure to do business with!

      I am glad that my doll went to a loving home.
    4. Quick pm replies and fast payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^^
    5. Julia ran a GO for 2 DIM heads at the same time, which turned into three by accident--so she had to handle 30 heads once they arrived. She posted updates as often as she could and PMed requests for other GO info. She helped the group get minor modifications to the sculpts. When the heads arrived, she shipped them out and they arrived very quickly. Due to the order getting filled out after initial payment requests, she also refunded any payment difference once the heads were shipped.

      Stacy in IL
    6. I was also in the GO for 2 DIM heads that turned into 3, and I think all was smoth and great.
      She update offently and answer every question that was asked, she handled very well the 3th head problem.
      Also when my package ran onto customs she worried a lot and tried to help me as much as she could.

      I'm relly happy with her :)
    7. I sold a head to Weirdnessmagnet and it went perfectly smooth! Quick payment and great communication!
      Thanks so much!:)
    8. weirdnessmagnet ran the Jensen & Jared minimee GO and everything went smoothly. The heads arrived in great condition and she answered all my questions. She was really neat about me adding 2 Jared heads with minor sculpting mistakes that had accidentally been casted.
    9. Weirdnessmagnet participated in my Soom GO, and was a pleasure to work with! She was nice, and prompt with all communications and payments.

      Thanks again!
    10. Just got a Domuya Fay/Syon head from Weirdnessmagnet (is it the same one from Nexumi_Mouse? hehe ^^ ). No issues and super fast, got it within the week! :D
    11. Bought a Raurencio head from magnet >w< I was between transactions and ran into some delays, but she was very patient and helpful. Communication was very rapid and shipping was super super fast!!!

      I definitely recommend her!!
    12. Weirdnessmagnet participated in my Iplehouse GO. She was quick with payment and very easy to communicate with. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. Thanks! :)
    13. Weirdnessmagnet just purchased a Fairyland PukiPuki PongPong from me. She paid super fast and communication was excellent. I would not hesitate to sell to her again.

      Thanks much!! :)
    14. Weirdnessmagnet participated in my Iplehouse group order and helped make everything go smoothly and quickly. Payment was prompt and communication was friendly. I would certainly do more transactions with her in the future! Thanks so much!
    15. I bought a fabulous body from weirdnessmagnet. She was great to deal with and even let me do a custom layaway! I would definitely buy from her again =D
    16. Weirdnessmagnet bought a dark SD 17 Tata Paradise Casteil coat from me. She paid well in advance so her coat was covered when I placed order. Waited very patiently and I am sure will let me know when coat has arrived. Great person to deal with.
    17. I bought a Domuya Mona head off of Weirdness magnet, Great comunication. Highly recommended! A+++
    18. I sold a BC human Pepe head to this nice, sweet lady. Would gladly do business with her again! Thanks so much! :)
    19. I bought a Soom MD Monzo fullset from weirdnessmagnet. She was a complete joy to work with. Her PMs were prompt and friendly. She shipped the doll immediately and took extra effort to package every piece very carefully. The doll arrived safely and in absolute perfect condition! I really couldn't have asked for a better seller. I would buy from her again any day!

      Thank you dear! :truffle
    20. weirdnessmagnet took over a GO for a minimee Casteil SD head. I joined for darlingdaughter as she doesn't post enough to be allowed on MP. Weirdnessmagnet did a great job on running the order and it wasn't easy dealing with DD or the problems the order itself had. DD is very happy with her head and that is saying a lot. ;)