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Feedback for WeirdReality

Feb 17, 2009

    1. I did not see a thread already made for WeirdReality; mods please merge this if there is an existing thread. If you have had any transactions with this user, please leave all feedback here. :)

      Positive Feedback: WeirdReality was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She was quick to answer my pm's and was extremely kind. She took pictures of the body I was purchasing with her minimee head so I could see the resin match and she put up with all of my annoying questions. She allowed me to put the body on a short layaway and shipped it out very quickly after the final payment. The packaging of the item was amazing; it took me forever to get past all the bubble wrap. Overall I am thrilled with this transaction and would not hesitate to purchase from WeirdReality again! :)
    2. I purchased a Rio head from WeirdReality.
      Total perfection!!! Wonderful transaction too! ;)

      Thank you!!
    3. Fast PM replies and prompt payment. Definitely a recommended buyer! ^__^v
    4. I sold a pair of converse style boots to WeirdReality. Her communication was fast and very polite. The payment was made quickly and she let me know when the item arrived so I didn't have to worry. A very smooth and pleasant transaction. I would love to do business with again. Thank you.
    5. WeirdReality purchased a guitar from me. The communication was great, and she's was nice to deal with. Thanks for a wonderful transaction, and till next time! =^_^=
    6. Weirdreality bought some soda can props from me. She paid quickly and was very nice to speak with!:)
    7. Weirdreality bought a Sadol shirt from me, and the transaction went very smoothly! Her communication is great and her payment was very prompt. I'd love to sell to her again.
    8. :aheartbea :chocoheart :chocoberry :chocoheart


      was a pleasure to deal with ! Wonderful buyer -sent payment promptly
      and lovely communication as well ~*~**~
      ~*~*~* Thank You ~*~* so much for our wonderful experience ~**~*~

    9. bought a minimee elf event head from WeirdReality..
      he got here quicker than i expected and he looks great

      thanks very much!!
    10. I purchased a wig from WeirdReality, and she shipped it out fast. Very smooth and pleasant transaction. Highly recommended! >^..^<
    11. WeirdReality sold me a MNM Cate Blanchett head; the transaction friendly & efficient! Thank you so much!! :)
    12. WeirdReality bought a Matsumoto Jun Minimee head from me. Very smooth transaction and good communication. ^^
    13. I bought a DIM MNM - Mana-sama head and a DIM MNM SD/ NS body from Weird Reality. Everything went great. She is very nice and polite to speak with. No problems. Package shipped as soon as I had payed. I am very pleased with my Mana-sama doll^^
    14. WeirdReality is currently in my hide Minimee GO and I must say she is truly a delight to work with. Her payment was prompt (a GO leaders dream :aangel:) and communication very easy. I highly recommend her for any/all transaction on the DOA marketplace. She is truly an asset to the forum! ;)

      I give WeirdReality :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar for prompt payment, great communication and super easy to get along with!

      BTW: I wish I knew about your Mana head earlier - I missed out! :...(
    15. WeirdReality took part in my dollmore GO. She was very prompt with payment, and communicated well with me when needed. I would definitely work with her again!
    16. I purchased a Spiritdoll Jade head from Megan. The shipping was so fast, that it seems like she hand delivered the head.
      Thank you... I WOULD buy from again.
    17. i bought an elfdoll wu from weirdreality on a short layaway - it was an awesome transaction, all around; he was shipped promptly and well after i paid, and he arrived and he's just as beautiful as she told me he was. i'm so pleased with this transaction :D thank you so much, weirdreality!
    18. I bought a SpiritDoll Jade body from WeirdReality for a fantastic price and in fantastic condition! ;) If Canada Customs in Ontario hadn't been so annoying, the body would have arrived even faster than it already did! Fast shipping, great communication and absolutely pleasure to work with! She is an awesome seller and I would not hesitate to work with her again! ;)
    19. I bought a Hye doll from WeirdReality. It came with some clothes as well and she was kind enought to hold her for me for 2 mouths or so. Everything went soomthly and everything was perfect.
    20. I bought a MNM Dreaming Hide Head from WeirdReality. Great communication, fast shipment and great packaging. Would definitely buy from again!
      Thanks so much:love