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Feedback for Whisperia

Oct 9, 2010

    1. :3nodding: Looking forward to buying something!
    2. i sold a domuya body to whisperia,
      everything went fine, good communication and fast payment,
      i would definitely do business with her again,
      thank you for an pleasant and smooth transaction

    3. I sold a monzo to whisperia, and I dont think I have ever had a nicer transaction!!! She is nice, and patient, and completely understanding about how dicey international shipping can sometimes be (and she taught me a thing or two about it, too!) :D I would be more than happy to sell to whisperia again, and encourage everyone else to do so too! She is an absolute dream to work with! :D
    4. I sold my WS Gluino to Whisperia, she paid when she said she would and was a delight to deal with, I would recommend her to anyone :)
    5. I sold my Elfdoll Barbara to Whisperia. She paid promptly, and let me know as soon as she arrived. :D It was a fantastic transaction, and I'd love to do business with her again anytime!
    6. I sold my Ender outfit to her, and it was a very smooth transaction, one of the best I've had!
    7. Whisperia participated in my Soom Ender Split and she was really wonderful to deal with.
      Communication was always fast and her payments were just as prompt throughout the transaction.

      I would gladly do business with Whisperia any time again. :)