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Feedback for whisperingtree

Jun 1, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback for transactions I've participated in, thanks :)
    2. Whisperingtree bought a SD13B body from me. She was absolutely friendly and polite in communication. Her payment was super-fast and she let me know when the body arrived. I high recommend her at the marketplace.
      Thank you very much for the wonderful transaction!^^
    3. I sold SD10 swarikko body to whisperingtree. She replied to me very quickly and kindly. ^^ Also, she kept the promise well !
      She's very good buyer and I recommand her at the marketplace!
      Thank you >3<
    4. whisperingtree purchased Williams from me. She was such a great sweet heart to deal with. Payment was sent fast and let me know as soon as he arrived. Very very good experience!
    5. Whisperingtee commissioned an outfit from me for her Volks girl.
      She was clear and concise about what she wanted. She was very friendly and payment was prompt.

      I recommed her at the marketplace.
    6. whisperingtree bought my SID Claude and she was a true pleasure - super nice and stayed in constant contact. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again !!!
    7. Bought an outfit from whisperingtree; she was quick to respond to my questions and went out to find out the shipping costs, and shipped quickly once I had sent payment ~ very happy with the outfit, and the service, thank you very much :)
    8. I bought two DOD outfits from WhisperingTree, they arrived quickly and in great condition. Thanks!
    9. Very friendly seller. Bought Kirill Default Outfit and love it. Thanks.
    10. Hello

      I bought the Limited Delphine (Limited Grey - DOD). She was helpful and answer all e-mail promptly. She send the doll with a great care, demonstrated a lot of responsibility and was very friendly on the negotiation. The doll is exactly how she show in the topic. I really recommend for all on marketplace.

    11. Rowan bought my Volks Chika and as I was traveling, she patiently waited for about a month for me to ship Chika out. Throughout the whole transaction, she was a joy to deal with and let me know as soon as the doll arrived. Thank you so much<3

    12. I bought DoD Kalix from Rowan. Boy is adorable and is in the excellent condition!
      Shipping and handlind were A+++!
      I hope all of sellers will be so kind and honest as Rowan)