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Feedback for white_rabbit85

Oct 20, 2008

    1. Hi everyone this is my feedback thread...

      so if you have had a transaction with me please leave your feedback here.

      thank you :)
    2. White_rabbit86 bought a Luts stuffed body from me, paid promptly, and told me when it arrived. I highly recommend white_rabbit85 (^w^)! Thanks :daisy.
    3. White_rabbit85 bought some pipos fox ears from me. She kept in good contact and paid when she said she would. Very recommended!
    4. Sold a mnf Shiwoo to her~ a perfect transaction from her side [forgot to tell her some details about the doll/condition myself..:doh but that's all solved now I hope :p]

      Great buyer ^_^d
    5. Recently purchased a LTF Lishe, and she was well packed and shipped within the stated time. Good communication and surprise extras only enhanced this successful transaction. Would certainly buy from white_rabbit85 again. :)
    6. I took part in a trade with white_rabbit and i must say it could not have been better! I sent my rooney off and got a prompt pm when she arrived and i received my Colin today and I could not have been more pleased with his packaging. Pms were always quick and polite and this seller was an all around joy to work with. I would hope to do business again in the future and I would encourage anyone to feel safe doing the same! :aheartbea
    7. I've purchased a Soom SG Spinel, he was sent in time and was well-packed. white_rabbit85 is so friendly and understanding, it was nice transaction!
      Many thanks again! ^_____^
    8. I purchased an SD13G body from white_rabbit85 and everything was perfect! Communication was very fast and friendly, and shipping time was super speedy. The body was sent unstrung and couldn't have been prepared better! Highly recommended! Thank you so much!
    9. Positive Feedback: I adopted her Yosd Lin dp 20, Really wonderful!great communication, perfect packaging:aheartbea
      white_rabbit85 is a very nice person! thank you very much!!!
    10. Purchased a Puki from White_rabbit85 and had a smooth, quick transaction! The doll arrived here well packaged and with lightning speed! Kept in great contact and just a great person to work with! Thanks!
    11. Perfect transaction with white_rabbit85 from whom I purchased some Amber hands. Shipping was super fast and the hands were very well wrapped. An excellent seller!! :aheartbea
    12. had a wonderful transaction with white_rabbit85
      would for sure sell to and do commissions for again
    13. Bought a WS Soom body from Rabbit, she put so much effort into keeping the doll safe during postage that I wanna hug her :3 Great transaction, easy to deal with, great seller.
    14. Best layaway transaction ever! Did a 3 month plan and White Rabbit was wonderful the whole way thru, Would most certainly do business with again in the future
    15. I bought Soom Amber parts from white_rabbit85. Very helpful and sweet and items aarrived very fast and were packaged safely. Great transaction! Thank you SO much! ^_^
    16. I purchased a doll from white_rabbit85. Everything went very smoothly, the doll is in perfect condition and was shipped quickly. I'd definitely buy from her again.
    17. Bought a Puki Cupid from white_rabbit85, wonderful transaction - communication was fast, shipping was fast, and he arrived in perfect condition. I definitely hope to do business again in the future. Thank you!
    18. White_rabbit85 commissioned an outfit from me.

      She paid promptly and was a pleaure to work with! Communication was good and I would be happy to sew for her again.

      Midnight at the Oasis
    19. I bought her Chrom fantasy legs. She's very nice and helped me with everything.
      And though there was a little problem with the shipping it wasn't her fault and everything worked out well in the end^^
      The legs were very well packed. Thank you very much!
    20. A little while ago I participated in a trade with white_rabbit85. I traded her a Soom Amber body and parts for her DOI male doll and some clothes. Everything went very nicely and it was a good trade. I'd be happy to deal with her again. :aheartbea