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Feedback for WhiteWings...

Apr 21, 2007

    1. Its unlikely I'll sell anything but if I buy from you, please let everyone know I'm a good sort!!! Thanks WhiteWings
    2. i'm first! whitewings bought a Nanuri head from me, paid very promptly, and i enjoyed the whole transaction with her. highly recommended buyer! :)

      psst: pls leave a comment for me on my feedback thread when you've received the head, yeah? thanks :)
    3. I bought some eyes from whitewings and I am very pleased! Great communication, surprisingly fast shipping, and the eyes are even prettier than the photos. I will happily buy from her again. :)
    4. It was great doing business with Whitewings.Paid immediately,friendly person and a recommended buyer...Couldn't have gone better. ^ ^
    5. Adrianne purchased some shoes of me through ebay, she was a delight to trade with and very fair with me, also quickly let me know when they arrived :) Thanks so much!!
    6. Adrianne bought a doll from me, and she paid on time (we split the payments) and was very lovely to sell to. She kept in contact and let me know immediately when the doll arrived.
    7. Hello,

      I'm in the UK and I sold a 1/4 AOD bod to WhiteWings - she paid up superfast and was lovely to deal with throughout - what a nice buyer! :fangirl:

      Thank you

    8. SOLD a Bobobie Pandora dollt o White Wings, great person to deal with! Really nice & friendly!!!! Highly recommended!

      Thanks for your purchase!!!!!
    9. :) thanks for the fast feedback. I sold a doll to Whitewings and she was very easy to communicate with and payments on time. Excellent all round!! I recommend.
    10. Brought my kitties shoes!

      Great buyer and fast payment! Overall it was a pleasant transaction thank you!
    11. I bought a BJD book form her.
      LOVELY Person to deal with! I was so happy with communication and condition of product.
      Pleasant to deal with.
      Thank you <3
    12. Great communication and instant Paypal payment. Smooth and easy transaction. Thank you so much:fangirl:
    13. I have just purchased my very first Puki Sugar with lots of extras with her...
      Also a Unicorn Tiny & a tanned tiny doll - Shelby.
      Whitewings supplied me with lots of extras that weren't in the Posting including a beautiful Stallion :) He is stunning, very handsome...
      Adrianne is extremely helpful & a wonderful seller...
      Absolutely delighted with my purchases... couldn't be happier.
      Thank you so much & look forward to more BJD's from you in the future.
      Just have to keep "little" hands of my dolls.... now for a safe place... hmmmm...
      Thanks again,
      Dragonflies Glitter
    14. im sorry to say that the payment i sent went through the 4th and today i still dont know anything about her, im sort of impatient....:doh
      lets hope its all miscommunication.....:?
    15. All solved, she is shiped and on her way!!!!
      Adrianne is real nice, and the deal went quick. ^^
      i give her a 9.5!
    16. WhiteWings sold me a terrific outfit - then international post messed things up. She took care of it, kept me informed, and sent me a little present even though the mistake wasn't her fault!

      That's a sign of a truly good seller - when something goes wrong, how do they handle it? WhiteWings passed that test with flying colors.

      I would have been happy anyway, since she sold me a great outfit at a great price. A good sort? No, the best sort!
    17. Sold a Spongebob and Patrick shirt to WhiteWings. Was a wonderful transaction by all accounts! Paid VERY quickly, and had great communication, letting me know when the shirt arrived. :)
      Would deal with again in a heartbeat!
      Thanks for a great transaction!
    18. What an absolute blast it was to have Whitewings buy an msd, from me!!! There aren't words enough to tell, how great she is! She paid instantly and let me know, the moment the package made it's way, traveling the many miles. Whitewings is a top notch DOA-er and will be the most fun you'll ever have, conducting a transaction! Thanks so much! :D
    19. I sold a pair of MSD pants to WhiteWings. She paid straight away, was really chatty and friendly and is an all round lovely person. Highly recommended! Thanks a lot!
    20. I received the shoes that I ordered. They were a good price, and the seller was very communicative. Thank you very much!