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Feedback for Whitewolfos

Aug 20, 2008

    1. I bought a Shiwoo Cyber Bohemian wig from whitewolfos. Pms were answered quickly and very polite, she kept me informed the whole time and provided a tracking number without me having to ask for it. It was really great service, and the item was shipped real fast. I would definitely buy from her again! :)
    2. Took part in my Dollmore GO recently. Paid straight away, kept in contact too. PERFECT!! Thanks so much for being part of my GO and I hope we can work together again xxx
    3. A wonderful buyer! She commissioend me an outfit for her boy and our transaction went smooth and lovely altrought I couldn't ship it for her birthday :( But she didn't complayin at all! Communicative, prompt payment and very nice to chat with!!
      I highly recommended her and thank you so much again dear~!

      I hope to deal with you again asap!!^____^

      (Can't wait to see some picture of your boy!*__* )
    4. I have delt with Whitewolfos many times and I have never had problems with her, I have done face ups and also participated in a mini GO she has run. Thank you :)
    5. I bought a head from Whitewolfos. She shipped it really fast, she's a really nice person to deal with and I am very satisfied with this transaction 8- )
    6. Heyy

      I bought a pair of blue acrylic eyes from whitewolfos and they arrived really, REALLY FAST
      They are in perfect condition and i love them

      Absolutely would buy from her again <33
    7. I bought a pair of Green Eyes from Whitewolfos and they came really fast and are beautiful. Thanks! Recommended!!!!
    8. Whitewolfos bought a pair of eyes from me. The payment was fast and the communication was great! Would definitely deal with her again <3
    9. whitewolfos bought a customized necklace from me :D She's an excellent buyer! Paid promptly and excellent in communication >w< Will not hesitate to deal with her again in the future!
    10. I bought a pair of DM eyes from whitewolfos. She wasn't able to ship when she said, but she had a very good excuse for not doing so (she had a chest infection or something like that). The eyes came a day earlier than the time she gave me, and they were very well packaged. I would definitely do business with her again!
    11. Whitewolfos was the GO leader in our Dollmore split. She was fantastic to work with; prompt, polite and very friendly ^_^
      The transaction was very smooth and she kept me informed all through the order and the items arrived to me very quickly :D.
      I would definitely recommend her as a GO leader, she is completely trustworthy!!
      Thanks again!
    12. I participated in a G.O lead by Whitewolfos, she was perfect with communication, friendly, understanding and fast shipping of the individual purchases! Highly recommended! :D
      Thank you!
    13. I took part in Whitewolfos Dollmore GO! She was absolutely perfect. She was always friendly, and regularly let me know what was happening. My parcel was received quickly, and with some lovely goodies from Dollmore that I wasn't expecting. I highly recommend Whitewolfos. Thank you. :D
    14. Whitewolfos is awesome. I bought just a pair of SD tall sneakers at more than a reasonable amount. They were shipped out quickly and received in great condition as described. Will buy from her again any time! Thanks again <3
    15. I have made a trade with whitewolfos for the doll heads. Everything was fine, very quickly transaction, exellent contact via PM, the head was packed very carefully, so the head was safe. Thank You very much!
    16. I was part of a Luts GO organised by whitewolfos. I had no problems, the whole GO ran smoothly and I received my outfit shortly after it had been delivered from Luts. I also received regular communication of what was happening. Highly recommended.
    17. I purchased my dream doll, an Angelheim Luka Werewolf from whitewolfos. Amazing communications, very easy to deal with. Luka arrived on time and well packaged with detailed tracking provided door to door. whitewolfos even took the time to restring him for me so this newbie would not have to try to figure that out. Can't begin to detail how much I recommend whitewolfos. Simply the best!

    18. She bought from me an ajumapama's T-shirt.
      She was very fast with the payment. Very friendly and very comunicative. Recommend 100% and I wil repeat like seller or buyer.
      Thank you very much :D
    19. Whitewolfos has bought a pair of Limited Mystics from me and the transaction couldn't be more satisfying, communication was more than wonderful and payment really fast. I really recommend her as a buyer!! Thank you very much :)
    20. Bought a Blonde DOT wig from Wolfos.Was as described and she gave me free postage and packaging ^w^ A pleasure to buy from will happily buy from again ^w^