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Feedback for Whitlock

Apr 30, 2009

    1. Feedback for Whitlock.
    2. Whitlock bought a wig from me. Perfect transaction every step of the way. Highly recommended!
    3. Whitlock bought a soom dillui head from me. Paid right away and is a wondeful person to deal with.

      would happily do so again^^
    4. Me and Whitlock did a trade.
      I for her soom eyes, and she for my pink wig.
      She came to me very kindly, requesting trade :)
      Shipped and arrived as said. VERY nicely packaged and she kept quick responses w/ me!
      Definetely will suggest her ^-^

      Thank you, love! Their beautiful!
    5. I sold some red fishnets to whitlock, she paid straightaway and is very friendly:) No problems at all, thanks
    6. I did a trade with whitlock. Thigns went well. The doll wasnt in the condition i expected but overall it was a decent transaction. Thank you. I love my onyx
    7. Whitlock bought my White Fer, she paid on when she said and was a pleasure to deal with.
    8. Unfortunately, gotta leave some less than sterling feedback for Whitlock.
      Whitlock responded to me putting my Heliot up for sale, and asked for a layaway, which I agreed to. She made two payments fine, but decided she no longer wanted Heliot, and asked for the money back. I issued her a refund of what she sent me (minus the paypal fees, which she agreed was reasonable), so I have now kept a doll on hold for almost a month for nothing.
      In fairness to Whitlock, she has been very forthcoming, and I admire and respect that integrity, since it could have been very easy for her to try to make excuses and delay 'the inevitiable'. Her payments were promt and she mantained excellent communication. If anyone does a layaway with Whitlock, I think they can expect a very courteous and up-front transaction.
    9. Whitlock bought a fur wig from me, paid promptly, and was quick to respond with pm's and feedback. She was also very patient when the post was a little slow in delivering it to her. Overall a great transaction, thank you!
    10. Whitlock bought a doll from me, she was awesome in the whole transaction, she paid so fast and she let me know when she received the package, I will definitely do any business with her again!!! Thank you for your purchase!!!!
    11. Whitlock bought Heliot's default wig from me.
      Smooth transaction with prompt payment!
    12. adopted wu he is great thank you
    13. I purchased a doll from Whitlock. I felt the doll was not as described with several undisclosed issues and shipped very, very poorly. I know I did not pay the price I would have paid for him from the company and I am happy she was willing to work with me on that but felt I had still overpaid when he reached me and I saw his actual condition.

      Whitlock was very sweet and prompt during our initial negotiating. In the end we reached an agreement and she promptly paid me a partial refund.

      I would not enter into another transaction with Whitlock merely because I prefer my items shipped with a little more care and to know of any and all problems before hand. In the end everything did work out but I would advice caution.
    14. I bought a DOT outfit from Whitlock. Unfortuantely it never reached me and although she says it was shipped I doubt that to some degree. Communication was rapid with Whitlock until I actually paid. After I paid there was very little communication and I had to PAGE her to regain contact. She was very nice about issuing me a refund but due to holds on her paypal I had to wait. Fortuantely Paypal was able to issue me a refund. I would not enter into another transaction with Whitlock merely because I prefer my items to actually arrive and to have prompt communication. Everything did work out but I would advice caution.
    15. been waiting for eyes that were surpose to come with the wu i purchased.
      also a head that i purchased was in pretty bad shape and needed alot of cleaning a sanding which i am still in the process of trying to fix(no faults were mentioned in the transaction), so i am waiting for a part refund. shall see.