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Feedback for Wicked Stitchery~

Jun 16, 2006

    1. Please post sales & purchase feedback for Wicked Stitchery & Wicked Wigs here.

      ::NOTE in regard to pattern books~Volume 1::
      We did receive one complaint about the quality of the cover art on Volume 1 of the pattern books (ie. striped image likely due to low ink during printing). Luckily none of the patterns or instructions were effected by this and we are working with the buyers to resolve the issue.
      Please note that this was the only complaint we received and though we wanted these books to look as good asthetically as possible for the price, we wanted to concentrate on clearity of the patterns & instructions.
      Pattern break down cost for Volume 1 was $4.00 per pattern (including the shipping to buyers).
      Due to the fact that these patterns are exclusive to WS and are still used for many of our best selling pieces, we were unable to sell the books any lower than $28 including shipping.

      At this time, both volumes are SOLD OUT and we will not be running a secon printing of either series.
      Thank you for all your orders~
    2. quick shipping and very easy to deal with. Willing to work with a buyer. ^^ Also love the clothes!
    3. Wicked Stitchery & Wicked Wigs are awesome! Their wigs are SO well made, they're hemmed on the edge, and are made exactly to fit your doll's head! And their outfits are such nice quality as well~~ Super friendly and awesome to deal with! I love them! :D
    4. Quick transaction and it arrived just as quickly. Quality of the clothing is lovely ^^
    5. Bought three wigs and two shirts from them. Great items. professionaly made and shipped out in a reasonable amount of time
    6. What can I say?? Totally 100% First class service!!!! fantasticly well made and beautifully desinged clothes, super lightning fast delivery and first class packing!! Who could ask for more???? ((((Superb)))) ((^____^)) My dolls are very happy bunnies!!!!!!and want MORE!!!!!!
    7. A truly lovely seller.. A+ all the way

      Three thumbs up !!!
    8. Wicked Stitchery is the best! I bought from them 3 times already and now it will be 4 ^^ Love the clothes! Beautifully desinged Perfect, Super fast shipping arrived before I even knew it~ Will Buy Again Always XD
    9. Very fast, very professional and the wigs are just glorious!
    10. YET another perfect purchase!! Butterfly outfit arrived today, super fast very well packed and very HAPPY!!!!! 110% Total design & service package!!! My girls are so happy, it's just the boys, they are so envious!!!!!!
    11. Nothing says loving like a cool Wicked outfit! Always excellent service, great prices, perks, fast shipping, and always willing to work with you in paying.

      In otherwords, Buy more of their stuff - you can't go wrong!!

      I'll be buying more soon, I've got demanding dolls :)
    12. I have bought two pairs of angel wings from WickedStitchery, and I have nothing but love for their craftsmanship. They're beautifully made and easy to put on my girl. :)
    13. I bought my DoD Too, Simon from her - and had a wonderful experience. As well as several of her fur wigs, which I also highly recommend. :)

      She's fantastic. :D
    14. I can not say enough about wickedstitchery :sumomo:
      I have purchased here on DoA; on eBay and directly from their Web Site!!!!!!!!!!

      The experiences have all been wonderful and the items they have and create have always been a pleasure to receive, own and use :love
    15. Awesome quality, cute and always a pleasure to do business with!
    16. Thank you ladies! Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
    17. Awesomely fast, fun to "talk" to, and makes the CUTEST STUFF!!!! eeeeeee!

    18. Bought a Beautiful peasant blouse recently, super fast shipping. Always a pleasure to buy from ^^
    19. The outfit I purchased just arrived today & I couldn't be happier! Shipping was super quick & price was fair. The dress is of excellent quality & the emails were friendly & prompt.

      Thank you very much!
    20. Awesome seller! Would purchase from again in an instant! very please! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!