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Feedback for Wilson

Apr 13, 2009

    1. This thread is for feedback for Wilson (I hope it's okay if I started it!)

      They bought a Lu-Wen vampire head from me and paid when they said they would, and let me know when it arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Wilson again! :)
    2. Wilson flaked on my Bodacious Button Swap.

      The deadline for shipping was May 7th. I gave him/her until May 30th for her gift to reach her partner.
      I PM'd Wilson 4 times asking if she had mailed her gift and warned her that I would blacklist her from my future swaps and also leave her negative feedback. She failed to respond to any of my Pm's.

      I have had no contact with her since she was assigned a partner.

      She received a package from her partner but has not acknowledged receipt of her gift. This is theft! I am asking that she return the gift she received to her partner. It is unacceptable that she keep her gift when she failed to send a gift.

      She is now on the black list and her name will be sent to future swap leaders and hopefully she will be banned from joining swaps hosted by other people as well.

      Swap hosts ~ if you need further information, please PM me.