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Feedback for WingedRivers

Aug 8, 2008

    1. Hello! If I bought somethin' from ya or if you bought somethin' from me, leave da feedback please! ^__^
    2. WingedRivers brought a pair of MSD boots. Fast payment and the transaction went smoothly. Hope to do business with again soon!
    3. Winged Rivers bought a doll from me. Payments were sent very quickly and she let me know as soon as he arrived. Would love to do business with her again!
    4. Sold a MSD megi hat to WingedRivers. Very sweet and understanding, despite some problems that got in the way. .____.

      Would love to do business with again!
    5. WingedRivers bought a pair of SD boos from me. fast reply and smooth payment. Hope to do business white again :)
    6. Sold a pair of shoes to WingedRivers. Communication was excellent and transaction went smoothly! Thank you~
    7. WingedRivers bought some clothes from me ;) Was a real pleasure doing business with you! Thanks!!
    8. I sold a Soulkid Harang, (with a commissioned faceup) some eyes and shoes to WingedRivers on a long layaway and she was fabulous to deal with. She made every payment when she said she would, she kept up excellent communication and was overall wonderfully friendly and great to deal with. She's a very trustworthy buyer and I would recommend anyone doing business with her. Thanks so much! :aheartbea
    9. WingedRivers purchased a wig from me and everything went great! Thanks again!
    10. I bought a skateboard from Winged and it is better than described. What a great seller! I would definatly do business with her again. :)
    11. Winged bought some F2BM clothes from me and she was a total pleasure to deal with - fast payment, friendly and quick communication! I highly recommend her to anyone considering transacting with her :)
    12. I traded some MSD boots for a MSD skirt and shirt that WingedRivers had.
      The communication was beyond excellent and I even received a hat for my dolls!
      All in all it was a terrific transaction!

      Thanks ^___^
    13. WingedRivers bought 2 pairs of eyes from me. She was very prompt in payment and in communication, and a very nice person to communicate with. ^^ I'd definitely sell to her again!!

      Hope you like the eyes!! :3
    14. I bought a hoodie and hat from Winged and everything went smoothly. She even threw in an extra shirt as a suprise! I would love to do business with winged again.
    15. WingedRivers bought a damaged pair of Eyeco eyes from me (Blue Eclipse model, 12/13mm). Quick payment, and definitely a recommended buyer!
    16. I sold a black MSD fer to WingedRivers. She was lovely to deal with, and I wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. :)
    17. WingedRivers bought a pair of cracked eyes from me ^^. Paid quickly, no problems. Thanks!
    18. I recently completed a face-up for WingedRivers. She was a real pleasure to work with. She was excellent about letting me know what she wanted and kept up good communication throughout the process but never got impatient. When work was finished, she paid the shipping invoice promptly. I don't have much else to say, just that she's a really nice person and great to do business with.

      Thank-you Winged for such a great transaction!
    19. I purchased some MSD clothing and boots from WingedRivers. There was a small delay due to lack of communication on my part and lack of checking paypal on WingedRivers part, but we got our act together and I received my clothing and boots promptly!

      Thank you so much for a very successful transaction!!
    20. Participated in a Dollmore Group order of mine, paid very quickly and great communication, would love to have you in the group again!